Newsletter 9 September

September 17, 2020

Important Dates

Sunday, 13 September
From 11.59pm on the above date Stage 4 restrictions will change

  • The curfew across metropolitan Melbourne will be eased to 9pm to 5am.
  • Restrictions on public gatherings ease – 2 people or a household can meet outdoors for 2 hours maximum.
  • If you live alone or are a single parent with all your children under 18 you will be able to have 1 nominated visitor to your home.

(ALL visitors MUST wear facemasks).

All other current restrictions are still in place until further government review and public notification.

Monday, 21 September
Spring menu commences.

Drum roll please….

The winner of the Hester Canterbury Limerick Competition is Margaret. G. Congratulations Margaret, and thank you all for the other entries and for joining in with such bon homie.

A gentle reminder that every time you have a visitor attending Hester Canterbury the following actions must be observed

  • Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the building,
  • Face masks must be worn at all times,
  • Temperature must be taken,
  • Sign into the Visitors’ book.

It is necessary all of the above actions are adhered to for the well being of all.

The new Spring menu has been distributed this week and will commence on Monday 21 September 2020.

Please make your selections and return your menu to Alexia by the prior Thursday the 17 September 2020.


September 7th 1986
Bishop Desmond Tutu became Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, the first black head of South Africa’s Anglicans.

September 9th 1993
Israel and the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) agreed to recognize each other, paving the way for a possible, peaceful end to the hundred year old conflict….(or not).

September 11th 2001
Four separate teams of terrorists operating from inside the Unite States hijacked and then crashed 4 planes (2 into the Twin Towers in New York, 1 into the Pentagon building in Washington, and the last crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to overpower the hijackers). Over 3000 lives were lost as a result of the above acts.

September 12th 1940
Near Montignac, France a collection of prehistoric cave paintings were discovered by 4 teenagers who stumbled across the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern. The paintings are 15,000 – 17,000 years old. The Lascaux grotto was opened to the public in 1948 but was closed in 1963 because the artificial lights had faded the colours and caused algae to grow over some of them. A replica of the cave was opened nearby in 1983 and receives tens of thousands of Visitors regularly.

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 14 September.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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