Code of Conduct

December 14, 2022

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Introducing the Code

The Retirement Living Code of Conduct aims to set and maintain high standards in the marketing, selling and operation of retirement communities, including complaints and dispute management procedures for operators and residents. The Code has been developed by retirement living operators, working with residents, and endorsed by the Property Council of Australia and Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA). Each community operator that signs up to the Code of Conduct commits to standards that govern a resident’s experience moving into, living in, and moving out of a retirement community. Code compliance is overseen by an independent Code Review Panel, which works with the Code Administrator to ensure the Code is effective and enhances the reputation of the industry. This panel contains representatives from both industry and residents.

What is the retirement living code of conduct?

The Code exists to encourage high quality standards and showcase excellence in all aspects of the operation and management of retirement villages. The Code provides retirement village owners and operators with an agreed set of standards that they should meet to ensure retirement community residents have an excellent experience. It ensures operators are accountable to their residents for the standards they have agreed to uphold, operate with integrity, and can implement best business practises across their village operations.

Objectives of the Code

  1. Promote and protect the interests of current and future residents;
  2. Help implement regulation in a way that creates high and consistent standards regarding the marketing, sales and operation of Retirement Villages;
  3. Promote trust and confidence in the sector;
  4. Provide a framework to assist open, transparent and efficient resolution of complaints by residents;
  5. Provide industry leadership to promote effective self-regulation that complements and builds on existing regulatory arrangements.


Standards covered by the Code

General Provisions
Including compliance with the Code and responsive and transparent framework for complaints.
Living in the Community
Managing staff and facilities effectively, clear policies, and inviting resident feedback on operations.
Moving into the Community
Including accuracy in selling and marketing, clear contracts, and effective orientation.
Leaving the Community
Communicating clearly with residents (or their families/representatives) about the re-sale process.


Download the current Retirement Living Code of Conduct here: