Newsletter 8 September

September 7, 2021

Important Dates

  • Monday, 13 September
    The new Spring menu will commence on the above date, and this week the new menu will be distributed. The back page of the newsletter always has the upcoming menu week and starting date printed on it. If you would like to order any meals please have your orders in by lunchtime Thursday for the following week.
  • It is a pleasure to announce that we have a new member on the BASScare maintenance department, Tim. Tim will be looking after all our ongoing and preventative maintenance needs at Hester Canterbury. We would like to welcome Tim onboard and look forward to seeing him around in the future
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Hester Newsletter 8 September

Housekeeping Notices

  • It is absolutely essential that all visitors to Hester Canterbury either “QR” in or complete the details in the COVID Register located at the front reception desk. People who access the building through other entrances other than the front main entrance still need to comply with this process. If visitors have entered via the garage or another way there are “QR” check in signs at the entrances to every lift, otherwise visitors MUST proceed to the reception desk to check in and register their arrival. To not do so is potentially putting all of us at risk.
  • The lettuce in our vegetable garden is ready to be picked. Please help the outer leaves so the plant is not denuded. (It is best to pick them as you need them to maintain freshness). As more produce is ready for harvesting we will keep you informed.
  • A reminder all please don’t forget that all rubbish put down the rubbish chutes must be wrapped
    securely or bagged. Doing this every time helps ensure less unpleasant odours in the rubbish rooms. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Week Two of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 13 September
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

The “Who Am I” Competition

The photos are on display on the whiteboard, located in the dining room; please pick up a form from the table nearby and once you have decided “who’s who” return your entry to Alexia. (Of course there is a prize for the winning entry.) If you haven’t entered your photo and would like to its not too late…