Newsletter 8 April

April 9, 2020

Important Dates

  • Did you know that both the Maling and Union Road Chemists will deliver prescriptions to  Hester Canterbury and will also pick up your Webster packs and refill them.If you would be interested in using this service please speak to Alexia for more details.
    Both these chemists can administer your flu injection if required.During the Easter holidays Hester Canterbury will be staffed on all 4 days.

    • Good Friday 10th
    • Easter Saturday 11th
    • Sunday 12th
    • Monday 13th of April.

    Staff will be on duty from 11:00 – 13:00 daily.

Housekeeping Notices

  • Over the next few days, parts of the courtyard garden will be dug up to enable maintenance work, investigation and repairs to be carried out.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding while this essential work is being done.
  • One of the biggest challenges each day can be what to actually cook for dinner. To help out a little, Overhear Café has put together some meal selections for all Hester Canterbury residents .
    If you would like to order, please fill in an order form and return to the staff by 12:00pm Monday and the meals will be delivered of a Thursday.
    As this is the first time an outside service like this has been offered at Hester Canterbury it will be on a trial basis and in case there are any “teething problems” thank you for your patience in advance.

Newsletter Contributions
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We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

You may have seen some bears in the windows of houses as you have been walking around the neighborhood. Australian children are joining a global bear hunt, making walks around the neighborhood lots of fun during the COVID-19 disruption.
The hunt is inspired by the children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen, in which the characters sing “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one – what a beautiful day, we’re not scared”.
The initiative has been widely shared on community Facebook pages across Australia, mirroring similar bear hunts right across the world.
Of course it goes without staying that we have some bears in windows at Hester Canterbury (and a couple of Easter Bunnies).
See how many you can spot at Hester Canterbury.

Some background to Two Easter Traditions….

Hot Cross Buns
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when people started making hot cross buns. The tradition supposedly began in the 12th century with a monk who was inspired to mark his rolls with the cross to celebrate Good Friday.

Dyed Eggs
According to some legends Mary Magdalene bought eggs with her to Jesus’ crucifixion, and blood from his wounds fell on the eggs, coloring them red.
Another tells that Mary Magdalene brought a basket of cooked eggs to share with other women at the tomb three days after his death. When they   rolled back the stone at the tomb’s   entrance they found the   tomb empty   and the eggs had   turned red.

Week one of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 13th April.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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