Newsletter 7 September

September 7, 2022

Important Dates

  • This Thursday 8 September is the national R.U.O.K Day,
    an initiative to highlight and remind us to check on our community and start a meaningful conversation with those that maybe struggling in life.
  • Everyone else has Gold Class but we have Hester Class. Grab your pop corn and your favourite beverage and sit back to enjoy ‘June Again’ this coming Tuesday 13 September at 7:30pm in the Hester Canterbury cinema.
    Your safety and that of the community in an emergency is paramount, so please make sure you attend the Statcom Fire and Emergency Awareness Training on Friday 16 September at 10am in the lounge. They will provide valuable tips on what to do in an emergency situation.
Download 7 September Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 7 September

House Keeping:

  • Out of Office
    For those occasions that I am required to attend BASScare or conducting a meeting in the office, I will utilise a Whiteboard placed on the Reception counter to indicate my  whereabouts. Please feel free to call me if I’m away from the office & the matter is pressing
  • Please note, if you would like to order from the Hester Canterbury Spring Menu for next week, ensure you have your order in to me by 12pm Thursday 8 September. ‘bon appetite’
    We have had a few instances recently of glass bottles being placed in the refuse shoot and smashing before reaching the recycle bin, littering the refuse storeroom floor with glass. As this poses a risk to everyone’s safety, could I please ask that you either wrap the glass in paper or place it in a container first before discarding it down the refuse shoot. Thank you.
  • Just a reminder that the Reception Contact number remains the same and I can be reached on either P: 8809 0300 or M: 0439 523 538.

Week Two of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 12 September.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

What’s on in Boroondara

Above the Canopy’ is a major exhibition at Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn celebrating the rich and diverse beauty of the Australian natural environment. Through hyperreal images of lush and verdant forests alongside detailed studies of insects, botany, birds and geology, ‘Above the Canopy’ shows a deep appreciation for our majestic and awe-inspiring world. Featuring artists working with installation, photography, painting, animation and textiles, this exhibition creates a theatrical, immersive and regenerative experience that acknowledges the significance of Country and our need to care for it. (Free entry)

Don’t forget, Martin is still waiting by the veggie patch for your recommendations on which Spring Vegetables to plant? Please let either me or Martin know your preferred choice.

BASScare / Hester Canterbury Residents Committee AGM 2022

The annual general meeting of the Hester Canterbury Residents Committee was held last Wednesday 31 August with positive attendance. The newly elected in-coming committee was announced and we would like to congratulate Maree, Geoff, Fred, Joan, Leo and Ann on their nomination and also state that we are looking forward to working alongside the Residents Committee members to build a strong and energetic working relationship moving forward. In addition, we would also like to thank the out-going Residents Committee for their contribution and support of BASScare.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Newsletter to best serve the community, please let me know. Have a wonderful week, stay chipper and take care.