Newsletter 6 May

May 6, 2020

Important Dates

Not only is it highly recommended to have a flu shot, as of 1 May 2020, it is a requirement that ALL persons entering a Residential Aged Care home must have a current flu vaccination. This will provide additional protection to our staff, residents and their families. A copy (paper, electronic or image) of vaccination receipt must be shown before entry is granted.
Please bear this in mind when considering visiting your friends at Faversham House.

COVID-19 Phone App
If you have a smart phone it is strongly recommended that you download the Federal Government  COVID-19 Phone App. The App speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19, helping support and protect you, your family and friends.

Housekeeping Notices

Hand sanitizers have been installed by all three lifts in the garage. Please be sure to use them before using the lifts.

Ongoing Maintenance At Hester Canterbury
During the week there will be several areas in the Hester Canterbury courtyard garden being dug up as part of ongoing maintenance work. While this work is being done, please be very careful and watch your step when traversing these areas.

Hester Canterbury Boredom Buster
A reminder to please submit all photos (copies only please!)  for the Hester Canterbury ‘Guess Who I Am” competition by Friday 8th May. These photos will be on display in the lounge area and the resident who correctly  identifies the most people will win 2 dinners (of their selection) from Overhear Café.(Full details in last week’s newsletter)

A Slice of History


1541 King Henry VIII orders a bible in English be placed in every church in England.
1840 The world’s first adhesive stamp, the “Penny Black” is used first in Great Britain.
1994 Nelson Mandela and the ANC, are finally confirmed winners in South Africa’s first post apartheid election.
2019 One million plants and animal species are now at risk of extinction according to a major United Nations report.

Riddle Me This…

  1. A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains. What is it?
  2. I turn once, what is out will not get in. I turn again, what is in will not get out.
  3. What am I ?
  4. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?
  5. You see a boat filled with people, yet there isn’t a single person onboard. How is that possible?
Answers below

Week one of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 11th May.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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Hester Newsletter 6 May

Riddle Me This Answers: 1.  Dozen     2. A key     3. Footsteps     4. They are all married