Newsletter 5 October 2022

October 6, 2022

Important Dates

    Just a reminder that we have guest author Kerry Tucker speaking to the residents on Wednesday 12 October at 10am, in the Hester Canterbury Cinema. It is not too late to secure a seat so if you and a family member or a friend would like to attend, please place your name on the form at Reception.
    Winner of 4 Academy Awards and directed by Ron Howard, A Beautiful Mind starring Russel Crowe screens at 7:30pm Tuesday 11 October in the Hester Canterbury cinema.
    Week 2 of the gourmet Spring Menu starts Monday 10 October so do not forget to place your order by 1pm this Thursday 6 October. Our neighbourly Chefs will now deliver meals chosen from the Dinner Menu ‘HOT’ straight from the kitchen to your table. (Meals off the Lunch Menu will still be delivered cold ready to re-heat)

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Hester Newsletter 05 October

House Keeping:

    Engage your neurons, fire up the memory and bedazzle your fellow residents with a little morsel of information about yourself people would possibly not know. It maybe anything from skydiving over Woolongong, slurping down snake soup, to sharing a cocktail with the Prime Minister? Published in the Newsletter anonymously, the first resident to guess who it is, wins our Weekly Prize. So email, text, write it on a note or just tell me verbally your ‘Who am I moment’ and let’s put you all to the test.
    On behalf of all the Residents and myself we would like to show our upmost appreciation to Geoff for consistently going above and beyond off his own back to support the Hester Canterbury community with I.T problems, maintenance issues, to stacking a mean dishwasher. Thank you Geoff for your tireless contributions.
    For improved safety at night, we now have 2 Sensor Lights at the front entrance that will illuminate the driveway and entrance doors for those occasions that you return home after burning the candle at both ends.

Week Two of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 10 October.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Have an hour or two void each week, fortnight or month that’s screaming out to be filled? Well Bernadette, BASScares’ Volunteer Engagement Co-ordinator would love to hear from you and have you on-board to help with activities, outings or just visiting other residents. The vital and rewarding volunteer program plays an integral part of BASScares’ involvement with the community and even 1 hour a month would assist in its future development. If you would like any further information, please contact Bernadette on M: 0447 503 741 or let me know and I will have Bernadette touch base with you.

While we showcase our beautiful Apartments yearning for new residents, we also need to focus on what is truly special about Hester Canterbury and that is the lifestyle and community. This can only be achieved by using the modern-day communication tools in which a large portion is visual images capturing an event or enjoyable moment in time with the residents. For any image of a resident to be used for Hester Canterbury promotional and / or social media we would first require your consent. I have placed a Social Media Consent form on the Reception desk for you to indicate Yes or No to your image being used, however, firstly if you have any questions regarding this matter, please pop in for a chat. We also recommend that maybe you have this conversation with family and friends as they may wish to ‘Like’ the Hester Canterbury Facebook page to give them a little insight into what is going on around your home.

For your information the next Residents Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday11 October, 2022.