Newsletter 4 September

September 4, 2019

Important Dates

Balenciaga at Bendigo
12th September
9:00am – 5:00pm

Residents Committee Dates for 2019
8th October
12th November
10th December

Upcoming Monthly Dinner Dates
25th September
30th October
27th November

Pharmacy Guild of Australia Medications Talk
Wednesday 18th September
@ 10:45am – 12noon at
The Canterbury Centre

Vardos (Gypsy & Fold Music)
Free live music performance
Thursday 19th September
@ 2:00pm at
The Canterbury Centre

Christmas Luncheon
Friday 13th December

Housekeeping Notices

Disabled Parking Bays
The subject of disabled parking has been revisited with BASScare management along with feedback from the general Hester community. Please note the disabled parking bays are for visitors’ use ONLY and all Hester residents are to park in their own allocated parking bays.

Evacuation Kit
Hester now has an emergency Evacuation Kit containing a torch, a high vis jacket, first aid kit and a list noting residents who are away or who have guests staying with them.
Once again we would like to re-enforce the need for residents to notify staff if you are going to be away overnight or longer, or have guests staying.

Residents’ Committee Meeting
If you have any issues you would like raised at the Residents’ Committee Meeting, please put it in writing and submit it to the Residents’ Committee mailbox. This way, all the Committee members have a written record of subjects to be raised.

Rubbish Disposal
Please ensure all rubbish placed in the rubbish chutes is bagged. (This does not apply to co-mingled re-cycling).

On The Basis of Sex (2018)

Tuesday 10th September, 7:30pm

Director: Mimi Leder
Stars: Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux

Don’t be misled by the title! This is the true story of young U.S. lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her historic struggle for equal rights that leads ultimately to her trail-blazing nomination and confirmation as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. (With captions)

Hidden Figures (2016)

Thursday 12th September, 12noon

Director: Theodore Melfi
Stars: Taraji Henson, Octavia, Spencer & Janelle Monae

The remarkable true story of three brilliant African American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind the launch into orbit of astronaut John Glen, a stunning achievement that turned around the Space Race. (With captions)

Did you know…

The following is a contribution from one of our Hester Residents … enjoy!

For those who have not been initiated into our health care system and some unusual meanings for medical words:
Word                 Meaning
Bacteria            Back door to the cafeteria
Bowel                A letter like A, E, I, O, U
Dilate                To live longer
Seizure              Roman Emperor
Urine                 Opposite of you’re out

Week two of the new Winter Menu starts on Monday 9th of September. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime. Bon Appetit!

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