Newsletter 4 August

August 3, 2021

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, 10 August
    If you have any matters you would like raised at the meeting, please put it in writing and place in the Residents’ Committee mailbox at least 3 days prior to the above date.
  • Tuesday 10, August
    Every person at Hester Canterbury MUST complete the Census form. Once completed please return it the NEXT day (Wednesday, 11 August) to Alexia, your forms will then be collected by a Census staff member.
    Please note: the Census is compulsory and the Australian Statistician can issues fine of up to $222.00 daily until it is completed.
Download 4 August Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 4 August

Housekeeping Notices

  • Face Masks
    Face masks have been proven to help protect everyone from contracting COVID and the wearing of masks will be an ongoing requirement for the unforeseeable future. There are many instances when residents are in public areas either not wearing a mask or not wearing it correctly.
    The mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times. Naturally you may remove your mask to eat or drink in any of the public areas, once you have finished doing so, your mask must be replaced. Please do not continue to be in any public area without your mask being worn and worn correctly.
  • If any Hester Canterbury resident can recommend a carpenter or cabinet maker, the residents of Apartments 2.03 and 2.04 would be interested to get their contact details please.
  • Our Christmas in July Dinner will now be held on Thursday, August 26 (hope you are enjoying the lack of logic in that phrase!). A new sign up sheet is available at the reception desk.
  • The resident of Apartment 2.01 was kindly lent a black personal shopping trolley. This resident has now purchased a trolley and would like to return the black one to its original owner, so if the trolley is yours please make contact with our resident and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Home Care

BASScare is now offering Home Care services tailored for your specific requirements in the comfort of your own home. Services on offer include nursing and allied health, cleaning and home maintenance, meals and personal care, transport and social activities. Please refer to the information pamphlet that has been distributed with this week’s Hester Canterbury newsletter.

Week One of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 9 August.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Some further insights into something we all pretty well take for granted (well until last week….)

  1. Why do we call it a “loo”? This word is derived from the French phrase “guardez léau”, which means “watch out for the water”. This phrase was called out by medieval people before emptying their chamber pots out of their bedroom windows.
  2. King George the second was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1727 until he died on the lavatory in 1760. Overweight and blind in one eye the king wet to the bathroom after drinking a mug of hot chocolate. Moments later a loud crash was heard and the king was found dead, apparently due to an aortic aneurysm.
  3. The oldest toilet is still functioning about 4000 years after it was first built. It is located at Knossos on the Greek Island of Crete.
  4. The Scot Paper Company was the first to manufacture toilet paper on a roll in 1980.
  5. Originally toilet brushes were manufactured with the same machinery used to manufacture fake Christmas trees.