Newsletter 31 May 2023

May 31, 2023
    Just to reiterate that I will not be on-site tomorrow (Thursday) all day. For any urgent matters that may arise, please contact Edward. If you have ordered an evening meal, don’t forget to collect it from the ground floor fridge. Thank you.
    How do you fathom a sixteen year old girl spending over six months alone circumnavigating the world. Well, you sit back and sail your way through ‘True Spirit’, taken from the memoirs of Jessica Watson who dreamed big to be the youngest person to sail unassisted around the globe. Screening for your pleasure Tuesday 6 June at 7:30pm.
    Guest Author M.K. Jacobs will grace Hester Canterbury on Thursday 22 June to entice you with the backstory to her novels and her knowledge of genealogy. More details to follow.

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Hester Newsletter 31 May


Given the basement car park is receiving a makeover on Friday 2 June and technology still has not invented the hover vehicle, it will be necessary for all residents to relocate their vehicles out onto the street by 9am in readiness for the cleaning contractors. We apologise for the early start but it is important that they have access to as many car spaces as possible. The cleaning should take roughly 2 hours to complete. Here’s to a grime free car park worthy of your vehicle.

It’s that time again for the 6 monthly Exterior Clean Melbourne window wash of all Hester Canterbury exterior windows, kicking off Tuesday 13 June from 7:30am until Thursday 15 June. Also, for those that wish to have their interior windows and / or balconies cleaned, there is a sign-up form at Reception for you to place your details. The charge for this additional service is on the form. Balcony cleans will take place on Thursday 8 June for those that have indicated.

Week One of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 05 June.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Sark is a flyspeck of an island group among the Channel Islands, an independent fiefdom (really) since 1565 when Liz First granted the island to a hereditary boss (seigneur), who in turn carved up the island among 40 families to hold in perpetuity.
Nothing much happened for the next 440 years or so (the Germans came and went) until 2007, when the Barclay brothers (newspaper barons, not the bank) bought an offshore island and began to build their castle – which rather says it all. Progressively the feudal system went and they acquired land from the 40 families and a slab of the business on the island, including the newspaper and most of the hotels, etc, perhaps with the idea of creating a casino on Sark – where naturally no income tax is paid.
When Annie and I visited ten years ago, the island was in turmoil, the Barclays had mounted total war for control – they closed the hotels, replaced the dairy pastures with vineyards, argued aggressively with the local council, pressed the UK government for support and pursued litigation everywhere from the Privy Council to the European Court of Human Rights.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Despite all that, the island was / is a delight – temperate climate, profusion of flowers, no cars, unmade roads, fabulous sea-bird colonies (we were chasing puffins), an extraordinary history and, of course, all duty-free, although the prices seemed to have been adjusted to compensate. In the intervening years, the Barclays seem to have retreated somewhat, the vines have not prospered and the Prince’s Trust now seems likely to tip some money in to maintain the islands heritage. Things are looking up, literally – it is designated as the first dark sky island in the world – no street lights!
Author I. Phillips