Newsletter 30 March

March 28, 2022

Important Dates

  • The monthly Residents’ Committee meeting will be held at 10:00am Tuesday 12 April. If you have any issue you would like discussed at the meeting, please write it down and place in the Residents’ Committee mail box prior by Friday April 8 so the matter can be included in the Agenda for the meeting.
  • Save The Date –
    The next monthly Hester Canterbury Dinner will be held at 7:00pm Thursday 21 April. More information to come in upcoming newsletters. On another note any menu suggestions are welcome, and if your suggestion can be accommodated it will be included in an upcoming dinner.
Download 30 March Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 30 March

Housekeeping Notices

  • It is always helpful if there are residents who would like to learn how to clean the coffee machine. If you would like to acquire this skill please speak to Geoff or Alexia. If you have not been trained please do not attempt to clean or adjust the coffee machine in any manner.
  • Recently all Hester Canterbury residents again received paperwork concerning your directives in an emergency, and to whether or not you wish to have the defibrillator used. This paper work only has to be returned if you do not wish to have the defibrillator used on you in an emergency situation. However, to ensure that your wishes are respected  please let Alexia know what response you would like in an emergency situation. This will ensure your instructions are on record in case any resident does not remember to return the paper work, and it is not just assumed you would wish to be revived.
  • A gentle reminder in case you have not given Alexia the 4 digit code to your key safe to please do so. This information will be kept securely in case it is needed in the future.

Week Three of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 4 April..
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Some Origins About Aprils Fools’ Day (1st April)

The origins of April’s Fools Day are murky, however one of the origins have been attributed to the following – Some writers suggest that April Fools’ originated in the Middle Ages, when in most European towns New Year’s Day was celebrated on 25 March with a holiday that ended on April 1. Those who celebrated  New Year’s Eve on January 1 made fun of those who celebrated on other dates by the invention of April Fools’ Day.

In 1686 John Aubrey referred to the celebration as “Fools’ holy day” the first British reference. On 1 April 1698 people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to “see the lions washed”.

Some of the best April Fools’ Day Pranks-

A BBC TV prank is considered one of the best anywhere in the world and it was broadcast over half a century ago. In 1957 the news show Panorama reported that thanks to a mild winter, Swiss farmers enjoyed a bumper spaghetti crop.

To prove this, it broadcast a 3 minute report of Swiss famers carefully plucking, or “harvesting” strands of spaghetti from trees. Legions of viewers were duped and many called the BBC wanting to know how they could grown their very own spaghetti tree. The BBC advised each caller: “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”!

In Norway in 1987 after reading that the government was planning to distribute 10,000 litres of wine confiscated from smugglers, hundreds of citizens turned up carrying empty bottles and buckets.

In France according to Le Parisien in 1986, the Eiffel Tower was going to be dismantled and rebuilt inside the new Euro Disney park.