Newsletter 29 June

June 28, 2022

Important Dates

  •  It’s winter, so fish ’n’ chips night is back! (6:00pm Friday 8 July – after Happy Hour). A choice of flathead or whiting with  tartar sauce and a serving of chips. The sign up sheet will be available on the reception desk. Please note the cut off date will be lunch time Wednesday 6 July . This cut off date will be enforced to ensure that the fish amounts required can be ordered in advance.

    Please note there will be two fish ‘n’ chip evening held in July and this will be in lieu of the July monthly dinner. More details to come concerning the 2nd event.

House Keeping:

  • The new coffee machine has been installed, however it still needs to be re-calibrated to provide the correct amount of liquid for the various cup sizes. Until this is done, to prevent your coffee overflowing, please keep watch as it is filling;  as soon as it is close to the top simply press the coffee from the menu you have chosen (it will be illuminated) to stop the flow of coffee and/or milk.
  • A gentle reminder to please remember to rinse your dirty crockery and cutlery then place them in the dishwasher; please do not leave them in the sink for others to clean up.
  • If you have any crockery from downstairs in your apartment, please remember to return them when you are finished, we are running short of bread and butter plates in particular.
  • An extremely severe flu/COVID winter for Melbourne has been predicted by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Please protect yourself and the community by ensuring you are up to date with your flu and COVID booster injections.
  • The Hester Canterbury movie group have been hard at work again and you will find a list of the films for July in your mail box. A big thank you for all who ensure that each month there is a varied selection of films, with something to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Week Three of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 4 July..
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Fancy learning to Tango, play Bridge or Bingo?

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