Newsletter 28 July

July 28, 2021

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, 10 August
    National Census to be held. A Census field officer will supply and collect the completed forms from Hester Canterbury.
    Please note: every person must complete a Census form on the night of the above date. More details will be available as the information is provided to us by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Postponed Until Further Notice

As restrictions allow these events will be re-scheduled as soon as permissible.

  • Hester Canterbury Annual General Meeting
    Scheduled for 10.30am Wednesday 28 July.
  • Hester Canterbury Monthly Dinner
    Christmas in July, scheduled for 7.00pm Thursday, 29 July.
Download 28 July Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 28 July

Housekeeping Notices

  • Hester Canterbury Petition
    The Hester Canterbury petition to remove 2 parking bays from the font of the Property was presented to Boroondara Council for consideration at the council meeting held on Monday 26 July. The contents were not discussed at the meeting as is the norm; rather they will be referred to the relevant Council office for action. As soon as any further details are provided by the Boroondara Council we will keep you informed.
  • Covid-19
    A gentle reminder to remember as soon as you leave your apartment you must wear a facemask in all public areas (inside and out) of Hester Canterbury.
    There has been a very positive response from all our residents concerning receiving the Covid vaccination; if however anyone has not been vaccinated you are strongly urged to do so, not only for your sake but the greater good too…
    Please note: all visitors must either “QR” in or fill in the visitors’ registration book located on the reception reception desk, every time on site.

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 2 August.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Some interesting facts about the Olympic Games….

  1. The first Olympic Games took place in the 8th century B.C. in Olympia, Greece. They were held every four years for twelve centuries. Then in the 4th century A.D. all pagan festivals were banned by Emperor Theodosius 1 and the games were resurrected about 1500 years later, with the first modern Olympics held in 1896 in Greece. In ancient Greece, athletes competed completely naked and the games lasted 5 or 6 months.
  2. The Olympic torch is lite at the Temple of Hera in Greece by actresses wearing costumes of Greek priestesses by using a parabolic mirror and sun rays to kindle the torch. The relay torch and the Olympic flame are supposed to burn during the whole of the games. In case the flame goes out, it can only be reignited with a back up flame, which has been lt from the original in Greece.
  3. From 1912 – 1948, artists participated in the Olympics; painters, sculptors, architects, writers and musicians competed for medals in their respective fields.
  4. During the 1936 Berlin games, two Japanese pole vaulters tied for second place. Instead of competing again, they cut the silver and bronze medals in half and fused the two different halves together so that each of them had a half silver and half bronze medal.
  5. Australia and Greece are the only two countries to have competed in all games since the modern games recommenced in 1896.