Newsletter 24 March

March 24, 2021

Important Dates

  • Thursday 25 March, 9:00am
    Ongoing maintenance work will continue on the intercom system at Hester Canterbury.
    During this time the Fermax technicians will be testing all the apartments’ intercom system. If you have noticed any irregularity in your apartment intercom (such as your doorbell not working, blurry or no screen vision etc.) please notify Rebecca before the above date.  It is hoped there will be minimum disturbance to residents and we appreciate your understanding while this necessary work is being undertaken.
  • Monday 29 March, 2:00pm
    The craft group meets in the private dining room, so please bring your latest craft project for an enjoyable afternoon.

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Hester Newsletter 24 March

Week Three of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 29 March.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Housekeeping Notices

  • There will no doubt be a huge surge of excitement travel through the building when our community learns that weekly fitness classes may again be available in the gym. If you would be interested in the fitness classes resuming again, please fill in your details and preferred attendance day on the form available at the reception desk. More details to follow….
  • Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the survey concerning the replacement paving tiles to be laid in the area near the vegetable garden. The second choice of tile was the clear favourite, so we look forward to seeing it laid soon.
  • Our dear resident from Apt G.08 wants you all to know how much she enjoyed the flowers she received while in hospital and wanted to thank you all for your kindness towards her. Our resident will be having some respite in Faversham House from the 23 March and would enjoy some visitors.
  • Please check the noticeboard concerning some information that will be of interest to many Hester Canterbury residents concerning an event to be held 10:00am Thursday 25 March.

Some Interesting Easter Traditions  From Around The World….

Good Friday Kitefest, Bermuda.
While Bermudians attend church on this day and partake of Codfish and Hot Cross Buns, locals show off and fly their homemade kites at these festivals. It has become a popular tourist attraction to attend and see the kites being flown, often decorated with bold geometric designs. While the origins of this tradition are uncertain, apparently Bermudian kites are known for their “hum” sound when flown….

Scoppio del Carro.
In Florence, locals celebrate a 350 year old Easter   tradition known as Scoppio del Carro or “explosion of   the cart”.  An ornate cart packed with fireworks is led   through the streets of the city by people in colourful   15th century  costumes before stopping outside the   Duomo (cathedral).  The Archbishop of Florence then   lights a fuse during Easter mass that leads outside to the cart and sparks a lively fireworks display. The meaning behind the custom dates back to the First  Crusade, and is meant to ensure a good harvest.

The Giant Omelette.
Don’t forget a fork if you are in the French town of Bessieres where a giant omelette of more than 15,000 eggs are used to feed up to a 1,000 people. The story goes, when Napoleon and his army were travelling through this area at Easter, they stopped at Bessieres and ate omelettes. Napoleon liked his so much that he ordered the townspeople to gather their eggs and make a giant omelette for his army the next day.