Newsletter 24 February

March 15, 2021

Important Dates

  • Friday, 26 February
    Routine cleaning of the rubbish chutes is scheduled on the above date. Please do not utilize the refuse rooms while cleaning is in progress.
    As the cleaning is being done in each wing it will be signposted to let you know.
  • Monday, 8 March
    The above date is a public holiday to commemorate Labour Day. Hester Canterbury will not be staffed on this date, so if you have ordered a meal on this day please remember to collect it from our kitchen fridge after 4:00pm on this day.
  • Monday, 15 March
    The new Autumn menu commences, for more details please see the Housekeeping section.

Housekeeping Notices

  • A little ice would be nice…
    The ice machine is up and running again so please feel free to help yourself any time.
    Don’t forget Friday 5:00pm “Happy Hour” is again allowed as long as no more than 20 people attend as per the current COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The change of season will soon be upon   us, and this means our new Autumn menu will begin on Monday, 15 March. You will receive the new menu later this week, if you would like to order from the new menu please place your orders with Alexia by Thursday, 11 March.
  • Please see some important information overleaf concerning   the imminent train level crossing works that will be commencing in the near future. These works will be approximately 3 years in   duration and will have considerable impact for all residents of Hester Canterbury and surrounds. Please take the time to read the information from the  sources on the following page, and act upon any concerns you may have through the  recommended channels.

Please take the time to read the important information below

The State Government is proposing to use the Canterbury Sports Ground (opposite Hester Canterbury, at the corner of Croydon and Chatham Road) for staging, overflow car parking and works associated with the Mont Albert and Surrey Hills level crossing removals.
This means the decommission of the ovals for at least 3 years.
Various alternative proposals (for example a vacant industrial area) have been put to the State Government and their project managers.
Whilst the need to replace the current level crossings with safer and more traffic flow efficient alternatives is supported, there are alternative sites that could be utilized in the area which would have less impact on our immediate surroundings.
Impacts include:

  1. Increased traffic from both cars and heavy machinery causing constant congestion in the area – this is already a problem; we do not need extra traffic further blocking our local roads.
  2. Noise  from the site will no doubt prove to be VERY disruptive to all living in the vicinity.
  3. Canterbury Sports Ground will no longer be available for the local community to use for sports and recreation.

PLEASE help stop this invasive and protracted disturbance to YOUR daily lives by opposing the use of the Canterbury Sports Ground for this purpose; complete the surveys from the links below:

  • Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Planning Approvals Survey:
  • The survey from David Davis MP which asks considered people to agree that
    “I believe the State Government should find an alternative site for staging and works associated with level crossing removals, and protect the highly- valued Canterbury Oval maintaining it for sporting clubs”.

The surveys CLOSE this SUNDAY night 28 FEBRUARY 2021.

Week Four of the Summer Menu starts on Monday 18 January.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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