Newsletter 23 February

February 22, 2022

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, 23 February at 11:00am.
    Lauren Richey, BASScare’s Home Care Manager will give a short information session on some of the services BASScare now offer to cater for all your future support needs. This information session will be most worthwhile attending. In future if any of the services on offer are ever needed, you will be fully informed and know how to access them.
  • Monday, 28 February at 2:00pm
    The monthly craft group will meet in the private dining room. Bring along your latest craft project for an afternoon of fun and good company.
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Hester Newsletter 23 February

Housekeeping Notices

  • Please note as of 6:00pm Friday 18 February there is no need to check in (as in to “QR” in) at retail venues, workplaces where there is no vaccination requirements, schools or hospitality venues. The lifting of this requirement now also applies to Hester Canterbury – however it is still a requirement that all visitors fill in the book at the reception desk (this includes having their temperature taken and recorded.) Facemasks are still mandatory to be worn in ALL public areas of Hester Canterbury. Please ensure that your mask is fitted properly so it sits over your nose and under your chin.
  • The Hester Canterbury Film Committee have been working diligently again and the film choices for March have been distributed to your mail box today – hoping to see a lot of residents attending at 7:00pm every Tuesday evening. Much appreciation to the film committee for all their ongoing hard work. Don’t forget there is also the DVD library available for all residents to use and return as required. The DVD library is stored in the side board in the library and works on an “honour” system, with new choices available frequently.
  • If you have a vanity basin that has hair line fractures please contact Alexia. We would like to photograph any basin that has developed
    a fracture for our ongoing negotiations with the supplier of these basins.
  • There has been a slight set back concerning the arrival of the apiary and the resident bees – the apiarist whose original proposal was accepted has moved to the country and is no longer into bee keeping . John F has been researching for other apiarists who can supply a similar service for a similar charge and once this has been established he will report to the Residents’ Committee on the best deal.

Week Four of the Summer Menu starts on Monday 28 February.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Talking of bees, did you know?

  • A queen bee will only mate once in its lifetime, and this is usually in the first 10 days of its life when it goes on a mating flight to mate with about 15 to 20 drones in mid – air (strumpet!). It will then store about 100 million sperm for its entire life.
  • The reason bees are so noisy is because they beat their wings on average 11,400 times in one minute.
  • A hive of bees will fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 pound of honey and can produce 100 pounds of honey in a year.
  • Bees can sense the hormone a human gives off when they are scared, and if they feel their hive is threatened they’ll attack.
  • Bees see blue better than red, this enables bees to see ultraviolet light and use this to help navigate their way around and assist identifying flowers as they pollinate. Each bee also has 5 eyes.
  • Honey bees communicate through a series of dance moves.
  • Only female bees can sting, male bees don’t have stingers.
  • The ancient Egyptian king Pepy 11 came up with a novel insect repellent. He would cover a slave completely with honey so any bee would be attracted to the honey and not him.