Newsletter 21 September

September 21, 2022

Important Dates

    Please note that there will be no staff present on Thursday 22 & Friday 23
    September due to the public holidays. If you have ordered a meal from the Hester
    Canterbury menu, this will still be delivered to the Kitchen, however you will
    need to collect it from there yourself. I apologise, I will not be present to soak
    up the Grand Final eve atmosphere with you, but please feel free to call if there
    are any issues.
    Join Boroondara Blokes on Monday 26 September for a relaxing day trip to picturesque Tooradin Esplanade and enjoy a delicious Fish ‘N’ Chip or fresh Bakery
    lunch with the locals. (For more information or bookings P: 9880 4709)
    Grab your knitting needles, creative minds and enthusiasm for the monthly
    Craft Group catch up Monday 26 September, 2pm – 4pm in the Private
    Dining Room.

Download 21 September Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 21 September

House Keeping:

    You do now! Even if you don’t follow AFL, join the Hester Canterbury
    community in the Cinema from 2pm for footy fare, refreshments and a
    laugh, plus the roar of the AFL Grand Final on the big screen.
    On those occasions when I am not present and you give access to a Contractor at the
    front entrance door , could you please direct them to the Reception counter to Sign-In on the sheet provided, so we have a record of their attendance. Thanks.
    Could you please ensure that all food scraps are contained within a rubbish
    bag before disposing of them down the refuse chute. Thanks.

Week Four of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 26 September.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Statcom – Resident Fire & Emergency Awareness Training
For the residents that were unable to attend last weeks ‘Fire & Emergency Awareness training’, please be aware of the following important self preservation information as outlined by facilitator Rob from Statcom.
 If the smoke detector goes off in your Apartment due to something you are cooking or burnt toast, do not open your front door as the smoke escaping may set off the detectors in the hallway which in turn will alert the Fire Brigade. It is fine to open your balcony door in this case.
 If you notice an intense fire in your Apartment or somewhere within the complex and the alarms are ringing, it is still a good idea to call 000 as they may send additional resources to assist based upon what you are telling them.
Protect in Place (stay inside Apartment with doors / windows shut) maybe required in the circumstances that there is a fire external to the complex and there is a risk of becoming overwhelmed by toxic fumes or smoke.
 If it is brought to your attention that Hester Canterbury is going into a full Emergency Lockdown due to an intruder on the grounds, do not set off the Fire Alarm button as this will unlock all external doors giving easy access for the intruder.
 On evacuation of your Apartment, do not use the Lift and if you cannot descend the stairs, stay where you are as stairwells are built to keep fire out and receive air independently from outside. If you have a mobile phone, call someone to inform them you are there. Do not return to your Apartment until advised by the Fire Brigade or Management that it is safe to do so.
 Also, as you are evacuating to a safe place, it is not encouraged to fight a fire regardless of it’s size. If you are in a position to do so, knock on your neighbours doors alerting them. Once outside at the designated Assembly Area, if you know your neighbor is home but not present with you, alert the Emergency Services.
 Ensure you close your Apartment door on evacuation if possible. If you come to a closed Fire Door in a passageway, they can still be opened like normal however make sure it is closed again behind you.
 If there is a fire in the Basement Car Park or you are evacuating the complex through this space, do not attempt to remove your vehicle.