Newsletter 30 September

October 5, 2020

Important Dates

  • Sunday , 4 October
    Daylight saving commences for the Summer, please remember to turn all your clocks one hour forward at midnight the day before (Saturday, 3 October).
  • As you know last weekend some restrictions in Victoria’s COVID-19 were eased, please refer to the Housekeeping section on the right to see how some of the changes affect us all.
  • Monday, 19 October
    Next expected earliest  change to Victoria’s road map.

Housekeeping Notices

  • As Melbourne moves to the second step towards reopening
    • Curfew lifted,
    • 5 km travel restriction remains,
    • Fitted face masks, covering nose and mouth, compulsory. A scarf, bandana or face shield is NO longer acceptable,
    • More than one person allowed to go shopping, (only essential retail open),
    • Dentists and most health services re-open, (the 5km limit does not apply to these services),
    • Pet grooming open (NO hairdressers though!!)
    • Exercise and outdoor social activity with members of your household or up to five people (including you, and a maximum of two other households) as long as you do not travel more than 5 km. This must be in a public outdoor space, and does not apply to people’s backyards or outdoor spaces connected to a home,
    • Visitation for residents in aged care settings extend to only one visitor, once per day, for a maximum of two hours.

“Spoonville” comes to 3126…..

Have you heard of the villages of wooden spoon people popping up all over Melbourne? Another Spoonville community is popping up at all BASScare sites soon and we would like you to add “your spoon family member” to the village……
Simply dress, paint, accessorize or jazz up your wooden spoon to its most splendiferous best, put you name on the back and then give to Alexia to be included in our unique village. This is a fun way to re-cycle your old wooden spoons and give much pleasure to others.(Family and friends are most welcome to join in).
Please let Alexia know if you need a spoon or two (any spare wooden spoon donations also welcome).
In approximately 2 weeks the BASScare Board of Directors will judge and award prizes for 1. Best Spoon, 2. Most Original Spoon and 3. Best Spoonville Village.
Help from you all is needed to get our village up, so stir up those creative juices (boom, boom) and let’s get Hester Spoonville on the map.

Answers to last week’s quiz on flowers…

1. Roses  and the top selling colour is red.
2. Tulips  In the 1600’s a single bulb sold for more than $2000 (US).
3. Daisy The daisy was named “day’s eye” because the bright, sunny yellow centre resembled the sun. Over time “day’s eye” became “daisy”.
4. Crocus – Crocus are part of the Iris family.
5. Orchids – Some orchids do not need to be planted in soil.
6. Poppy – The wicked witch poisoned poppies to put Dorothy and her friends to sleep so they wouldn’t reach the Emerald City.
7. Pierre Magnol – A botanist from the 1600’s.
8. 400 to 500 different species – there are blue, yellow and white varieties.
9. Bluebell Flower – the juices from the flower are being used in tests to combat HIV.
10. Bird of Paradise – This plant is a native to South Africa.

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 5 October.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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