Newsletter 2 February

February 2, 2022

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, 8 February
    Monthly Residents’ Committee Meeting. If you have any matter you would like discussed at the meeting, please put it in writing and place it in the Residents’ Committee mailbox.
    It would be appreciated if anything to be raised at the meeting could be submitted by lunchtime Friday Feb 4 so these matters can be included formally in the Agenda.
  • Thursday, 10 February
    Last day for Maling Road Car Park survey to be completed and submitted. This potential development will have considerable impact on the area so please take the time to learn more. Please see more details concerning this development overleaf.
Download 2  February Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 2 February

Housekeeping Notices

  • The residents of Apt 2.04 have a new two door metal filing cabinet that is surplus to their needs and was wondering if any Hester Canterbury resident would like it.(No charge). If you are interested please contact the residents of the above apartment.
  • A gentle reminder to please wear face masks in all common areas. We need to keep very vigilant to protect the wider community.
  • Some residents will be aware that the fire brigade attended at Hester Canterbury last week. While this was a false alarm it is a timely reminder how essential it is in an emergency situation that all residents leave the building promptly (NOT using the lifts) and gather at one of the three Emergency Assembly Areas that are located in the following areas:
    – one by the North Wing gate on Chatham Road,
    – one by the garage entrance on Chatham Road,
    – one by the Hester Canterbury/ Faversham House gate.
    Every minute counts in an emergency, act promptly.

Week One of the Summer Menu starts on Monday 27 December.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

More about the Proposed 3 Storey Maling Road Carpark…

Upon learning of the potential development of a 3 storey carpark planned by the Boroondara Council for the Maling Road precinct, an extraordinary Hester Canterbury Residents’ Meeting was called on Tuesday, 1 February 2022. The response from those members present (residents of Apts 2.09, G.07, 2.11 and the Chair 2.08) is as follows.

  • “An inappropriate development in excess of the needs of the residents of Canterbury”
  • “Such a development introduces an unwanted and unwarranted change to the character of the local environment. While it might be a convenience to commuters, not all of those would necessarily be residents of Canterbury”
  • “The introduction of extra traffic would be an inconvenience for local residents and especially for those wanting to shop locally”
  • “The unique nature of the Maling Road shopping precinct would be negatively impacted and its charm seriously diminished”
  • “The Residents’ Committee was in furious agreement that this development is counter-productive to the character of the area”

What can you do????
Please take the time to read the attached information sheet and to fill out the online survey.