Newsletter 18 November

December 2, 2020

Important Dates

11 December 2020
Hester Canterbury Christmas celebratory drinks in the courtyard (weather permitting) 5:00pm – 7:30pm. More details to come.

December 14,16 and 17
On the above dates the window cleaners will be working at Hester Canterbury. If you would like your interior windows cleaned this will be at a cost of $60.00 and will be invoiced on your monthly statement.
There will be a sign up sheet at the reception desk if you would like this work done. More details to come next week.

Housekeeping Notices

  • External Contractors
    There is some confusion concerning outside contractors such as cleaners and service providers entering Hester Canterbury .
    For further details concerning the prerequisites and protocols that are required for external contractors to enter Hester Canterbury please see overleaf.
  • Christmas Cards
    It’s coming up to that time of year – Christmas Card time!
    There is a selection of handmade cards produced by the residents of BASScare Faversham House and the cards are available at our reception desk  with honesty envelopes for payment.
  • Assorted China
    There is a collection of assorted china from private apartments on the silver coloured tray in the café area. Please have a look to see if any are yours.

Requirements for outside contractors entering Hester Canterbury
All contractors must comply to the following conditions of entry-
Upon arrival:

  • masks must be worn in both common areas and private apartments,
  • hand sanitizer must be used prior to entry to the reception area,
  • temperature must be taken (and recorded),
  • all sections of the Visitors’ Book must be completed.

After consultation directly with the Department Of Health and Human Services Corona Hotline the following has been confirmed as necessary by the above department before any outside contractors are allowed on site:

  • All businesses and/or contractors that provide services on site must have proof of registration in the form of an ABN to support the business and therefore a COVID Safe Plan that meets all governmental requirements.

Cleaning Specific Providers:

  • Along with complying to all of the above points all contractors must either use disposable equipment (cloths, mop wipes etc.) or
  • Use the resident’s equipment already available in the apartment

It is strongly recommended as best practice that if you have outside contractors coming on site that you notify Alexia and provide their contact details, Alexia is happy to contact them concerning the above information and details of their business COVID Safe Plan.

While this year has been trying and difficult, our Hester Canterbury community has held strong and done the right thing each and every day, ensuring the greater good for us all, our families and the extended community.

It is anticipated that in the next governmental announcement Sunday 20th of November that further restrictions may be eased. Of course if the easing of further restrictions are pertinent to any of the above issues they will be reviewed accordingly.

Melbourne has shown the world exactly what can be achieved when a community plays its part, thank you for the amazing role you have all played in our city’s success.

After a horrific train crash, three newsman in Adelaide, Nick, Andy and Phil are forced to take stock of the challenges in their lives. At the dame time Meryl, and artist, witnesses a train accident in which a man is killed. At the crash site she meets Nick. In the following days the lives of all the characters intersect, sharing sorrow, but also offering hope. (With captions)

Week Two the Spring Menu starts on Monday 16 November.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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