Newsletter 18 December

December 18, 2019

Important Dates

Hester Christmas Drinks
Thursday 19th of December
5pm – 7pm
Please join us for a glass (or two, or three…) of complimentary bubbles and/or wine and non alcoholic beverages  to toast the Festive Season.

Final Newsletter for 2019

This weeks will be the final Hester Canterbury Newsletter for 2019.  The first edition for 2020 will be Wednesday 8th January.

New Years Ever BBQ
Wednesday 31st December  Hester Canterbury will be having a  resident organised BBQ to celebrate New Years Eve.
Please place your name on the sign up sheet at reception for a BBQ meat pack, and to advise what you might like to contrubute.

Housekeeping Notices

Hester Staffing Over the Holidays
Christmas Day Wednesday 25th – No staff rostered.
Boxing Day Thursday 26th – No staff rostered.
New Year’s Day Wednesday 1st – No staff rostered.
Alexia , our Retirement Living Coordinator, will be on leave from the 25th December, returning on 6th January 2020.

Miele Oven Demonstration
Despite repeated efforts to contact Miele and arrange a time for Hester residents to attend a cooking demonstration with the emphasis on the Hester Canterbury oven model, Miele have not committed to arranging a date and time.
We will continue to follow this up in the New Year.

Hester Canterbury Emergency Process Contacts
The updated Emergency Process Sheet will be distributed with this newsletter. Please take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with the information contained in it, and please keep it somewhere that is easy to access.

The Holiday Season
We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a joyous Festive Season. May the New Year and Decade hold only the best in store for all, with kindness to all.
Best regards,
BASScare Management and Staff

Dear Residents,
We were very touched and appreciative of your thoughtfulness and kindness.
Our Christmas gifts were are lovely surprise and will be put to good use.
Thank you all so very much,
The Hester Staff

Did you know…

The History of the Christmas Tree

Before Christianity was even conceived of, people used evergreen boughs to decorate the homes during the winter; the greenery reminded them that plants would return in abundance soon.
As Christianity became more popular in Europe and Germany in particular, the tradition was absorbed into it; Christians decorated evergreen trees with apples to represent the Garden of Eden, calling the “Paradise Trees” and displayed them around the time of Adam and Eve’s name day – December the 24th.
Gradually the tradition was subsumed into Christmas celebrations.
The tradition spread as immigrants did, however the practice really took off when word got around that England’s Queen Victoria decorated a Christmas tree as a nod to German heritage (German members of the British royal family had previously had Christmas trees, but they never caught on with the wider public).
Her influence was felt world wide and today in the United States alone 25 to 30 million trees are sold every year.

Week Two of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 23rd December.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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