Newsletter 16 August 2023

August 16, 2023
    Just a reminder that next Wednesday 23 August at 10:30am you will be joined for morning tea by a BASScare Exercise Professional for a casual Q&A about the benefits of general health & fitness for adults.
    Fashionable and feisty, Harvard Law student Elle must overcome heartache and prejudice in the only way she knows how, bubbly and unique. Legally Blonde is Barbie with brains, a light hearted comedy romance that will transform your day and leave you feeling uplifted. Screening on the Big Screen Tuesday 22 August at 7:30pm.
    If you are looking to order a meal for next week from the wonderful Winter Menu, could you please have your form in by 4pm today (Wednesday) if possible, otherwise please leave your order in the Manager’s mailbox Thursday. Thanks.

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Hester Newsletter 16 August


Unfortunately, I will be missing in action all day on Thursday 17 August so please let me know if you require any assistance with anything prior. For those who are expecting an evening meal on Thursday, I have organised with the Faversham Chef’s to ensure all meals are placed in the Hester Canterbury ground floor fridge after 5pm on the day. If any urgent matters arise while I am absent, please call Helen Brightman (General Manager Community Services) on M: 0477 940 900, as Edward is still on leave. I will be back on deck bright and early on Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

Comedy can be created or crafted but rarely is there an individual that can naturally do both. Robin Williams had that gift and delivers a heart felt and spontaneous performance in this weeks Funny Friday Matinee, Mrs. Doubtfire. You may have laughed through it before, but have you seen it on the big screen? Please join Funny Friday veteran John.M on 18 August at 1pm in Hester Class, unless you get a better offer of shampooing the cat, therefore leaving poor John to just laugh alone once again.

Week Two of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 21 August.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Wednesday before.
Bon Appetit!

Regardless of if you were inspired by her work or unable to find a somber enough corner of a room for one of her artworks, let’s still raise a glass and acknowledge the birth of trailblazing artist Joy Hester who would have turned 103 this coming Monday 21 August, 2023.
Don’t allow the evocative image adorning a cherished Hester wall to tarnish your views of an individual whose name subtly calls out from the exterior of where you call home, and who was able to achieve so much in her short 40 years wondering a small pocket on earth, an inherent legacy we should carry with pride.
Profoundly content in where she was her quote summed this up, ‘Somehow, one never really runs away, or I never have, and I find that the faster I go the more catches up with me, all the while time stands, to me, still’.
Morning tea next Monday is dedicated to celebrating Joy Hester’s birthday and it would not be considered eccentric if the community launched into to a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’, given the quirky and at times questionable nature of the birthday girl.

Today is ‘Cup Cake Day’ which traditionally supports the wonderful work of the RSPCA but has grown to focus on the smaller self funded animal charities as well, for without their care and support of the animal kingdom, so many precious little creatures would be assigned to a vulnerable and powerless end.
So, may be for the same price of a decorative cup cake in Maling Road you might look at donating to a local animal rescue organization.

Have a remarkable week and take care.