Newsletter 14 October

October 15, 2020

Important Dates

  • Thursday, 15 October 3:00pm
    The Boroondara Seniors’ Festival premiers with special guest performers Frank Woodley and Vika and Linda Bull, along with the Continental Drift Quartet.
    To learn more  visit the Boroondara Seniors Festival webpage and Victorian Seniors Festival webpage.
  • Tuesday, 20 October
    First stage of the exterior wall cleaning; the area to be done is located above the southern walkway and near the big gum tree.
    For your health and well being please DO NOT access this area while the work is being done.
    For more details please see the housekeeping notices.

Housekeeping Notices

  • Did you know that Boroondara Council provides a very diverse array of entertainment, education, arts and recreation online. To find out more of what’s on offer please go to  then click:

    • seniorsfestivalboroondara
    • recreationandart
    • findanevent

    You only have to press a few keys for eclectic and constantly changing choices of enjoyment and enrichment…..

    Concerning the exterior wall cleaning
    while all plants in the surrounding area will be thoroughly rinsed prior to and again after the work being done, it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no affect on the plants.
    Please be assured that every precaution will be taken to mitigate this occurring.

    Local Boroondara Council elections are being held later this month.
    Between Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th of October ballot packs have been mailed out to residents.
    More details to come in next week’s newsletter.



14 October 1964
Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace prize. He donated $54,000 in prize money to the Civil Rights Movement.

18 October 1917
Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (aka Mata Hari), a supposed World  War One spy was executed by a French firing squad just outside of Paris at Vincennes Barracks.  Mata Hari meant “eye of the dawn” in the Malay language.

20 October 1818
The United States and Britain agreed to settle the American – Canadian border at the 49th parallel.

21 October 1917
Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie (1917- 1993) was born in Cheraw, South Carolina (as John Birks Gillespie).He was a trumpet player, composer, band leader and one of the founding fathers of modern jazz, known for his trademark puffed heeks and bent trumpet.

 24 October 1945
The United Nations was founded. Fifty countries met in San Francisco, and the delegates deliberated on proposals worked out by the representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the Unites States. Poland who was not one of the original 50 countries later that year also signed the Charter.

Week One of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 19 October.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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