Newsletter 12 October 2022

October 12, 2022

Important Dates

    Exterior Clean Melbourne will be present on-site from 12pm Monday 17 October to clean out the Hester Canterbury gutters. This will not impact your day unless you planned to sunbake on the roof!
    Coming Soon to Hester Canterbury Cinema, Tracks chronicles a nine-month journey through a visual smorgasbord of the harsh outback of Western Australia. Tuesday 18 October at 7:30pm
    We are on the lookout for a ‘bookie’ that’s good with money, good with odds and loves a flutter on the one day that stops the nation. To coincide with the Melbourne Cup BBQ on Tuesday 1 November we require a volunteer ‘Bookmaker’ to run the Sweep. If you would like to assist the punters, please let Geoff know.

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Hester Newsletter 12 October

House Keeping:

    I was to attend an International Conference in Turkey. First week in Istanbul and second week by the sea to the south. I flew alone to Turkey armed with an address for week one. At Istanbul Airport I looked for public transport without success and eventually happened upon a taxi. The driver scanned my address, nodded, put my luggage in the boot, and opened the front passenger door. We remained stationary, briefly and until, three men piled into the back seat.
    What to do now?
    I stayed put, was delivered promptly to my address, then was farewelled by four mustachioed, smiling faces and eight waving hands. Think you know who this is? First person to guess correctly will win the weekly Prize. Please submit your answer or tell me in person. Good luck and don’t forget to submit your own ‘Mystery Insight’.

Week Three of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 17 October.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

In 2016, resident Valerie started the Hester Canterbury Jigsaw Group. She not only provided the sorting tables and expertise but an avenue for the residents to find a peaceful moment to challenge their problem solving and visuo-spatial skills. The first jigsaw was completed on the 4th of June 2016 and since that time an astonishing 159 jigsaws have been completed by the residents.
By far the most arduous jigsaw to date has been the 3D jigsaw of the Sydney Opera House and John is not ashamed to admit that he acquired the services of engineering knowhow to get the project across the line.
Through the kindness of our in-house photographer, each wonderful creation has been captured on film and made into a lasting print that fills the pages of many display books on show in the Hester Canterbury Library.
The Jigsaw was invented back in 1767, and to this day, Elaine and John can be found focused intently to finish a border or a small section, with the occasional resident pulling up a seat to lend a hand with the task of sorting or finding that elusive piece.
The jigsaw group are extremely grateful for the donation of 1000 piece jigsaws from residents, family and friends, and in turn, continue the generosity by donating a number of completed jigsaws to local charities. Small in numbers but big in achievements, the Hester Canterbury Jigsaw Group would love for more residents to get involved and discover how therapeutic putting a jigsaw together can be.

The paper-boy flings the daily Herald Sun & The Age newspaper for the Hester Canterbury communal lounge for all the residents to enjoy with a morning cuppa or afternoon hot chocolate. Please note you are welcome to remove the paper the following day to the print date, however they are to remain in the lounge (in their entirety) on the day they are printed. Thank you.