Newsletter 12 May

May 17, 2021

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, 19 May 10:30am
    Cancer Council Big Morning Tea and Trivia.
    Please come along for a fun event and help raise funds for a really worthwhile cause.
    So we have an idea of numbers attending for catering purposes the sign up sheet is available at the reception desk.


  • Save The Date:  Hester Canterbury monthly dinners
    Thursday 27 May
    Thursday 24 June
    Thursday 29 July
    Thursday 26 August
    Thursday 30 September
    Thursday 28 October
    Thursday 25 November
    Friday 10 December
    More details to come…

Download 12 May Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 12 May

Housekeeping Notices

  • Please ensure that all visitors use the visitors’ parking bays in the garage (we have 5 on site). Understandably it is very
    annoying to get home to find your car space taken up by another car (especially when there are spare visitors’ car bays available).
  • It is with great satisfaction that we can report that the tile on the southern walkway corner has been replaced.
  • Important Announcement
    The Hester Canterbury Residents’ Forum is being held at 10:30am in the main lounge on Tuesday, May 25. Please note change of date.
    The change of date is to enable as many residents to attend as possible. The forum is a vital communication channel to ensure that as many matters can be discussed while fostering a culture of mutual interest .
    Your attendance is valued and it is hoped that you will make every effort to attend because by doing so you support our community.
    If you would like a matter discussed at the forum please put it in writing for the Residents’ Committee to include in the Agenda.


Week Two of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 17 May.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Useless Facts – Some words we have lost in English speech-

  • Hugger Mugger
    It sounds like a term from the Harry Potter series, but the first known use of the term “hugger-mugger” appeared in the 1520s, according to Merriam-Webster, and was used in two completely different ways: first, as a synonym for “a secret act,” and secondly, to mean “disorder” or “confusion.” It is spoken by Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which was written around 1600: “For good Polonius’ death, and we have done but greenly in hugger-mugger to inter him.”
  • Rum Peeper
    It may sound like the name of a drink you’d order at a bar, however a rum peeper has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol. Rather, upper class women in the late 1600’s polished their coifs in front of “rum peepers”, which was the name given to a looking glass, or, as we call them today, mirrors.
  • Buss
    Back in the 16th century, the word “buss” referred to a kiss, especially a loud or exuberant one. Derived from the Middle English term “bassen”, which means “to kiss”, the word’s first known use is somewhere around 1570.