Newsletter 10 March

March 16, 2021

Important Dates

  • Thursday, 11 March 9:30am
    The scheduled preventative maintenance for the lifts will
    be carried out on the above date. We are expecting that each lift will only be out of service for approximately 40 minutes so hopefully there will be minimal inconvenience while this work is being done.
    Work will commence with the north wing, then proceed to the south wing and finish with the west wing.
  • Friday, 12 March 6:00pm
    It’s been far too long.. so fish and chips night is back.
    Please see more details under the Housekeeping section.
  • Save the date: Thursday, 29 April 7:00pm 
    Our monthly dinners will recommence, more details to follow….


Download 10 March Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 10 March

Week One of the Autumn Menu starts on Monday 15 March.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Vegetable Garden Area…

The paving in the area around the resident vegetable garden is going to be replaced and we would like your in put concerning the choice of tile to be used to be laid. To this end there are 3 samples of tile on display in the vegetable patch area and they are labelled 1, 2 and 3.
Please choose which tile you prefer and then write the corresponding number on the sheet provided at the reception desk.
Your opinion is valued and appreciated, thank you for taking the time to do this.

Housekeeping Notices

  • The work involving the newly installed back up pumps in the garage has been completed and follow up testing successful.
    This means the first pump will activate when the water level is within 200mm of the top of the pit, while the second will activate when the water is within 100 mm.  In the event of a power outage, power will be supplied from the Faversham House generator and the water will discharge directly into the carpark.
    Any torrential rain or flooding will no longer cause any concern that there could be potential flooding in the Hester Canterbury basement and garage.
  • Come join us for a relaxed Friday evening of BYO drinks and fish and chips on your lap next Friday, 12 March from 6:00pm.
    You will have a choice of Whiting or Flathead ,chips and tartar sauce, ($9.00) and as per a resident request you may now order a green salad (optional) for an extra $3.00.
    The sign up sheet is in the reception area, no further orders will be accepted after 3:00pm Thursday, 11 March.

This Week in History….

March 10, 1920
Home Rule Act passed by the British Parliament, dividing Irelandinto 2 parts; this is rejected by the southern counties, where  the Anglo-Irish war then continues…..

March 11, 2020
COVID 19 declared a pandemic by the head of the World Health   Organization and by the above date there were 121,564 cases   worldwide and 4,373 deaths.

March 12, 1913
Canberra becomes the capital of Australia.

March 13, 2004
Luciano Pavarotti performs his last opera at New York’s Metropolitan Opera’s Tosca.

March 14, 1794
Eli Whitney patents the Cotton Gin revolutionizing the cotton industry in the southern US Stares.

March 17, every year…
Saint Patrick’s Day, commemorating the death of Ireland’s Patron Saint and who is credited in bringing Christianity to its people.