Newsletter 1 September

August 31, 2021

Important Dates

Our fabulous gardener Simon has accepted another position in a new field of work out of Melbourne. There is a card at the café area for all to sign to wish Simon well on this next exciting chapter of his life. If you wish to sign, please do so by lunchtime Friday, 3 September. We will all miss Simon and the amazing transformation he has made to the gardens.

The kale and radishes Simon planted are now ready for harvesting. Our resident expert Elaine has agreed to harvest each crop as it is ready and put the produce in the café area. As each crop is ready it will be available in this manner for your enjoyment.Bon appetit.

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Hester Newsletter 1 September

Housekeeping Notices

  • A reminder to all residents that the upkeep of maintenance and servicing of all white goods and other items such as the air conditioning units are the responsibility of the resident of every apartment. In the event that a piece of equipment needs replacing the understanding is that it will be “ like for like” or the closest model of that brand. While you are not obliged to use BASScare preferred contractors to undertake any work, if needed the contact details of these service providers can be supplied.
  • Please do not forget to give Alexia a photo of yourself (aged between 3 -12 years old) for our “Guess who I am “ competition. Once we have the photos, a whiteboard and answer sheets will be placed in the dinning room area for you to try to guess just “who’s who”. Of course there will be a prize for the resident who guesses the most correctly.

Week One of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 6 September
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Father’s Day.

Father’s Day came about thanks to the daughter of William Jackson Smart. A Civil War veteran from Washington in the United States, William’s wife died giving birth to his daughter Sonara. William raised Sonara and her 5 siblings on his own. With Mother’s Day celebrated each year, Sonara felt fathers everywhere deserved a special day too. She campaigned for the first Father’s Day and the first one was held on her father’s birthday 19 June 1910. While the United Kingdom and the United States celebrate the day in the above month Australia celebrates the day in September. Most commentators suggest the date was chosen for commercial reasons and to fit around other dates on the Australian calendar.

However, in 1911 a Sydney newspaper reader suggested for “seasonal” reasons “September should be the month in which to hail him king, for under the Southern Cross, it is that month Dad’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. Wishing all fathers the best of days Sunday 5 September and while not able t get together to share the day, love and appreciation to you all.