Newsletter 1 July

July 1, 2020

Important Dates

Friday 3 July
All the garbage chutes and garbage rooms will be cleaned in the morning.        Please do not use the bin chutes until the signage concerning the cleaning has been removed.

Tuesday 14 July
The Residents’ Committee meeting will be held on the above date.
If you have any items for discussion, please place your signed item in the Residents’ Committee mail box, preferably before

7 July; this will ensure your item will be included in the Agenda.Please note
All correspondence to the Residents Committee MUST be signed, as was agreed upon and recorded in the minutes several years ago

Housekeeping Notices

  • Residents’ Forum
    Please return your RSVP form for the upcoming Residents’ Forum to the Residents’ Committee mailbox as soon as convenient.  Due to the COVID19 restrictions and to ensure social distancing is maintained, it is essential that numbers of people attending the meeting are known ahead of the event.
  • Resident card for signing
    There is a card at the reception desk for one of our residents currently in hospital, please take the time to sign the card so we can send it to our invalid by week’s end.
  • Thank you
    A big thank you to the person who found and handed in the earring that was found in a common area of Hester. It is rightly back home with its partner and the owner is most appreciative.
  • Maintenance Work
    If you have any maintenance work outstanding that you would like attended to, the new maintenance forms are available from the information stand opposite the mailboxes.
    Once you have filled in the form please forward it to a staff member to action.
JOY HESTER : Remember Me
Heide Museum of Modern Art, June 30 –October 4th.

The senior curator at Heide has put an exhibition of Joy Hester’s art on to coincide with the centenary year of our namesake Joy Hester’s birth.
This is part of a global campaign urging art galleries and museums to better represent women artists.
Heide will be opening for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19.
If you wish to dine in the café restaurant it is advisable to phone
ahead to check the  opening hours and availability. Heide’s phone number is 9850 1500.
The exhibition was featured in an article in the Weekend Australian, June 27-28.
A copy of the article is available in the Hester Canterbury library for those interested in reading some more about Joy Hester and her work.
Please do not remove this article from the library.

COVID-19 Update
The Victorian government has extended the state of emergency until 11.59pm, 12 July 2020.
It is essential that we all continue to follow the COVID-19 government guidelines particularly frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters  at all times.

Week One of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 29 June.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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