Newsletter 1 December

November 30, 2021

Important Dates

  • Monday, December 6 10:30am
    Fire and Emergency Information and Training session.
    Please make every effort to attend this event in the main lounge – it will provide you with invaluable knowledge of what to do in an emergency and could save your life. You are strongly encouraged to make this meeting a priority.
  • Monday, December 10 10:30am
    Hester Canterbury Annual General Meeting 2021. Please show your interest (or apology) on the sign up form located at reception.
  • Friday, December 10 5:00 – 7:00pm
    Hester Canterbury Christmas Party, looking forward to a fun night.
  • Friday, December 17 
    Morgan Glen Iris Tour and Luncheon rescheduled.
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Hester Newsletter 1 December

Housekeeping Notices

  • Friday 3 December
    Informal barbeque to test out the new BBQ – for further details please refer to the correspondence received earlier this week.
  • As of January 2022 the craft group will be recommencing at 2.00pm on the last Monday of every month. The first date of the New Year will be Monday 31 January. Please come along to share a relaxed get together.
  • Monday 6 – Thursday 9 December
    External window cleaning at Hester Canterbury. The contractors will return on Monday 13 December to complete all internal windows. If you would like your internal windows cleaned there is a sign up sheet available at the reception desk. (The $70.00 cost will be charged to your monthly invoice).
  • A reminder to all please do not place the used coffee pods in the re-cycling bin in the café area – unfortunately these type of pods are not able to be recycled.
  • When you are using the rubbish chutes please be aware of the apartments in the near vicinity of the chutes and ensure that both the chute and rubbish room doors are closed gently. Also please check if using the re-cycling option of the chute that you press the far left button and wait until it illuminates yellow before depositing, otherwise the re-cycling will go down the normal rubbish chute.
  • Our resident photographer Dr. F will have his much anticipated 2022 calendar available for all residents in the near future. More details to follow in subsequent newsletters.
  • The film selection for the month of December is now available in your letterbox – the films show every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm. Thank you yet again to the Film Committee for all their efforts to select a wide range of films with something to appeal to all.
  • You will have noticed a competition entry form has been distributed along with this edition of the newsletter. Our resident from Apartment 1.06 has gone to an incredible amount of effort and time to plan and make this amazing competition to bring some early festive fun.
    The competition board will be set up by the heater in the main lounge area and all entries must be in by 2:00pm 10 December. Please hand your completed entries into Alexia for a chance to win the first (and only !) prize. Bouquets to our very thoughtful resident for such a lovely and fun thing to do.

Week One of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 6 December.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!