Newsletter 05 July 2023

July 5, 2023
    To coincide with the release of the latest BASScare ‘Staying Connected’ magazine, we’ve invited Elizabeth Rode-Bramanis (Social Support Coordinator) to morning tea on Wednesday 19 July at 10:45am, to speak about all the wonderful programs that are offered to the community and to answer any questions regarding this service. Please join Elizabeth for a cuppa and a chat in the Club Lounge.
    Who doesn’t love to get lost in fantasy and find out how one of their treasured childhood tales came to be? Well let ‘Finding Neverland’ with Johnny Depp & Kate Winslet take you on the biographical journey of how playwright J.M. Barrie created the boy that never grew up, Peter Pan. Screening 7:30pm sharp on Tuesday 11 July in Hester Class.

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Hester Newsletter 05 July


Just a little reminder that all dirty crockery and cutlery is to be placed in the Club Lounge dishwasher after use and will be washed daily. In addition, presently we are not in a position to recycle the coffee pods so please place the used pods in the general waste bin under the sink. Thank you.

Please note that I will be off-site between 9am – 1:30pm on Thursday 13 July attending a course. If you require anything on this day please let me know in advance, or text message me on the day. Thanks.

Friday Happy Hour is about to become even more happy with the return of the extremely popular Fish ‘N’ Chip Night on Friday 21 July at 5:30pm in the Dining Room. Don’t waste an opportunity to get in early and share a cold beverage with the Community at Happy Hour that kicks off from 5pm. The sign-up form for Friday Happy Hour Fish ‘N’ Chips will be available at Reception soon.

A ring was found in the west end basement carpark last week and is desperate for a loving finger to support it. If this is yours or you know whose it might possibly belong to, please drop by the Office and let me know. Thanks

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 10 July.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Established as an independent event in 1953, the Herald Outdoor Art Show in the Treasury Gardens was as much a part of the annual Moomba festival as the water skiing. Nestled amongst the gigantic Morton Bay Fig trees, hundreds of paintings from local artists adorned the pathways up and down the gardens with a kaleidoscope of colour and untapped creativity. From before I could walk, my Mother would take me to the Art Show every year and now with over 50 years of attendance, I’m still as eager as ever and it’s definitely a highlight of the year. Following the demise of the Herald Outdoor Art Show in 1999, the Herald Sun became the major sponsor of the Camberwell Art Show and the tradition of a platform for local artists to exhibit and sell their works of art continued. Unfortunately, this year’s Camberwell Art Show, held at Swinbourne University in Hawthorn, has now come and gone but did not disappoint and has returned to its wonderful pre-COVID best. Typically held in June – July each year, the art show makes for a most enjoyable day out and you can take a break from the viewing to watch one of the guest artists in action. Photos never do the paintings justice, but there was a painting there of Mailing Road.

On behalf of myself and BASScare, I would like to sincerely thank everyone that was involved in assisting with the Accreditation Day last Friday. Though we need to wait for the final report to be issued, you can be pleased to know that we met all standards and are meeting the needs of Retirement Living. There will be a few minor recommendations to act upon, one being the addition of a mobile phone contact for residents (those that have one) added to the Emergency Occupancy List held in the Fire Panel for first responders to use. If you definitely do not want your mobile contact number added to the Emergency List, please let me know in writing.