Newsletter 9th October

October 9, 2019

Important Dates

  • TarraWarra Archibald Exhibition
    Thursday 17th of October
    A running sheet of the day will be provide to all participants in the week prior to the excursion.
  • Upcoming Monthly Dinner Dates:
    30th October & 27th November
  • Christmas Dinner
    Friday 13th December
  • Christmas Drinks
    Thursday 19th December

Housekeeping Notices

New Staff Member
It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce our new staff member Youhaniz. No doubt over the next few weeks you will all have the opportunity to meet and welcome Youhaniz to Hester Canterbury.    

Hester Committee Meeting Minutes
After each monthly meeting the minutes of each meeting will be available on file at the Hester Canterbury Reception desk. If you would like a copy of the minutes please let one of the Committee Members know and it can be organized for you.

Miele Excursion Expressions of Interest
Miele may consider a cooking demonstration for the particular of oven we have at Hester if there would be 12 people interested in attending. Further details will be provided once we have established that we would be able to comply with the required numbers. An Expression of Interest form will be available at reception later this week.

Please refer to your Monthly Movie Schedule for information on the Tuesday evening movie.

Did you know…

The meaning of “Let the Cat Out Of The Bag”
This phrase is said to have come from the Master-at-Arms on a British ship taking the cat-o’-nine – tails from its bag preparatory to whipping an errant seaman. Since the connection between this action and disclosing a secret is hard to define, a reference to a country market trick is more acceptable : a dishonest merchant would substitute a cat for a valuable pig. The bag containing the animal would not be opened until the buyer brought it home and had been cheated (Alexia thinks it would have had to been a dead cat, otherwise the buyer deserved to be cheated!!!) Letting the cat out of the bag any earlier would have disclosed the trick. The saying probably dates from the mid 1700’s.

Week two of the new Winter Menu starts on Monday 14th October. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime.
Bon Appetit!

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