Newsletter 30 October

October 29, 2019

Important Dates

Melbourne Cup BBQ: The 5th of November just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Hester Barbie run by our talented residents at Hester.  The sign up sheet will be available at reception next week.

Ladies’ Day (Oaks Day) Afternoon Tea 2.00pm Thursday 7th November: Ladies (and Gentlemen) don your finest chapeaux  and join us for a glass of bubbles and a little light refreshment. More details to come.

Upcoming Monthly Dinner Dates:  27th November

Housekeeping Notices

Maintenance Work
Please note that essential work will be underway at Hester from 8.30am Wednesday 13th November through until late afternoon Friday 15th November. Certain areas will be blocked off from public egress while the work is being done and then when completed; it is essential there areas are undisturbed.
Please excuse any inconvenience this may cause.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Garden Matters
Several of the sprinklers that attach to hoses have gone missing; if you know anything of their whereabouts please speak to John Fitzgerald.When depositing waste matter in the compost tumbler in the veggie garden, please ensure the lid of the compost tumbler is replaced properly (otherwise there will be a rather unpleasant mess for someone to have to clean up).

Parking In the Driveway
In an effort to preserve the slate tiles at the entrance of Hester.
Please do NOT park any vehicles on the driveway by the manager’s office window.
“No Parking” signage is now up in this area.
This request does not have any bearing on people being dropped off and picked up in this area, although we do request wherever possible that vehicles stay on the actual driveway.

Please refer to your Monthly Movie Schedule for information on the Tuesday evening movie.

Tuesday 5th of November, 12pm onwards.
Please join in the Cup Day fun (friends and family most welcome).
$15.00 a head.
The sign up sheet is now at the Reception desk.
Please note due to the short lead up time for the kitchen to place orders with suppliers the cut off date for signing up will strictly end by the close of business Thursday the 31st of October.

Thursday 7th of November, 2 pm onwards.
Please don your chapeau and join us for a glass of bubbly
and afternoon tea. $12.00 a head. The sign up sheet is now
available at Reception.

Week two of the new Spring Menu starts on Monday 4th November. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime.
Bon Appetit!

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