Newsletter 29 September

September 28, 2021

Important Dates

  • Thursday, 30 September
    From 9:00am on the above date the Hester Canterbury lifts will be getting their regular service. The work will commence in the north wing, followed by the south wing and then the west wing. The work in each area will take around half an hour. These contractors are allowed on site to carry out this scheduled, essential maintenance.
  • On the same morning of the above date contractors will be outside attending to the scheduled servicing of the pond. Please try to avoid this area while the work is being done, the area will be slippery when wet.
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Hester Newsletter 29 September

Housekeeping Notices

  • It has been noted some residents are allowing NON ESSENTIAL service providers on site and in many cases these contractors are either not signing in at the reception desk or “QRing” in before entering the building. If a resident has NON ESSENTIAL providers working at Hester Canterbury, not only are the state government lockdown laws being contravened (and if reported could concur a penalty from the authorities), you are also putting at risk the well being of all others living here, along with the wider BASScare community. This behaviour is to cease and desist immediately, before further severe responses are considered.
  • On 2:00am SUNDAY OCTOBER 3 clocks will be put one hour BACK for day light saving. To avoid confusion the clock in the foyer and in the gym will not be wound forward until staff are on site Monday 4 October. The good news is one hour’s extra sleep for all.
  • The “Who Am I?” competition was won by Elizabeth. M who managed to get 9 people correct – please come and collect your prize Liz. The photos now have names to identify everyone.

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 1 October
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Things that brighten a day

Joy has shared the following – “On reflection as I adjusted to the restraints of COVID, I have been blessed with my home saturated with glorious music from our ABC and the friendship of the Hester Canterbury community.”

The next piece has such an uplifting ending that it just had to be shared- One of the Hester Canterbury residents lost a ring that had great sentimental value to her, and after several days it seemed as though the ring was not going to be found. Our resident Jennifer who regularly sweeps all the pathways every day or so (and does a wonderful job – thank you Jennifer from all of us), was sweeping the front drive way and found the ring by chance in the front garden bed where the big gum tree is. A one in a thousand thing to happen and such a thing to be joyous about.

Please keep giving us all the lift we enjoy in these challenging times by sharing with us all things that brighten or make your day a little better; simply write a few lines and submit it to Alexia who will then include the pieces in the weekly newsletter.

Daylight Saving

Love it or hate it ,did you know in Victoria we have had daylight saving since 2008. Each state and territory of Australia determines whether or not to use daylight saving time. However during World War One and World War Two all states and territories had daylight saving by federal law, under the defence power of the constitution. Queensland abandoned daylight saving in 1972 and the citizens of Western Australia and the Northern Territory voted against having daylight saving time.