Newsletter 27 July

July 27, 2022

Important Dates

  • Fish’n’chip night 6:00pm Friday, 29 June.
    Please have your order in by close of business today (this gives enough time for the fish to be ordered.) The sign up sheet is at the reception desk.
  • August Films Programme
    The August films have been selected by the Hester Canterbury film group, and the programme has now been issued to all residents. Thank you to all residents in the film group for all their hard work ensuring that there is a wide range of diverse entertainment for all to enjoy.
  • Next Residents’ Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9 August.

House Keeping:

  • Please do not forget to get your surveys completed (either on line or on paper) and return them to ResiRating. Alexia still has a couple of spare postage paid envelopes in case you need one. All surveys should be completed by the end of the week please.
  • A gentle reminder to please remember to wear your personal alarm at all times – it really could be life saving. Several residents have had falls recently and it has been fortuitous they have had the foresight to have been wearing their pendants. In the near future all residents who have returned their forms concerning their directions regarding the non-use of a defibrillator will be required to have their photo taken. A copy of the photos will then be in the defibrillator cabinet for future reference. More details to follow concerning suitable
    dates and times, however if you are not sure if you have returned the form please speak to Alexia. Please note the above only applies IF you returned the form.
  • It is predicted by the World Health Organization that August is going to be a peak time for COVID and Influenza illness to really adversely affect our population, particularly the older age demographic.The importance of wearing masks whenever in public has been emphasized frequently, however the overriding concern is to keep our Hester Canterbury residents and therefore the wider community safe.

Week Three of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 1 August..
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Did you know…

That the 1st of August is recognized in the Southern Hemisphere as the horses’ birthday. So we do know that not all horses were born on the one day, but why is this day considered their birthday?

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the first of August, while in the Northern Hemisphere the birthday is January 1st. These dates were chosen to coincide with the start of the breeding/foaling season. Originally this came about in the thoroughbred and standard racing industries. The reasoning was because horses were placed in races according to their age, so it was easier to have all birthdates deemed on one date.