Newsletter 26 October 2022

October 27, 2022

Important Dates

    Formal dining will make a come back to the Hester Canterbury dining room for Lunch on Friday 18 November, so clear your diary and secure your appetite. Menu and sign-up form to follow soon.
    The moving image is alive in November with a delightful array of cinematic suspense and drama. Please find attached Novembers’ Movie Guide, screening every Tuesday at 7:30pm in the HC Cinema.

Download 26 October Newsletter here:
Hester Newsletter 26 October

House Keeping:

    A big thank you goes out to Jenny for not only her floral artistry that is on show consistently throughout Hester Canterbury’s communal spaces, but also her generosity to supply a variety of garden blooms. Our appreciation for beautifying so many spaces is also extended to our helpful cleaner Tony, who is proud to share the riches of his own garden with the residents.
    Just a reminder to ensure that all your visitors are aware of Hester Canterbury’s ‘No Smoking’ policy anywhere on the premises. Thank you.
    Grab your fascinators, your best bowler hat, or zany head gear creation to wear to the Hester Canterbury Melbourne Cup BBQ, and go into the running for a fabulous prize for the Best Headpiece on the field. Terry will be organizing the Cup Sweep.
    It is with the deepest regret that we inform you of the passing of much loved resident Valerie. Her friendship and spirit will live on in every jigsaw piece that is placed, as well as fond memories of her time at Hester Canterbury. Val’s Service of Thanksgiving will be held in Holy Trinity Anglican Church Surrey Hills on Thursday 27 October at 1:30pm.

Week One of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 31 October.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

‘Some years ago in Israel we went on the tour of The Holy Land and though a Catholic, I was impressed. Journeying back through Turkey we enjoyed everything on offer and I found myself in a small cluttered shop purchasing an early Balkens 4 barrel Gun. When passing through airport security, word went out that the gun was in my suitcase, neatly packed between shorts. Alarms went off, Police were called and the gun inspected. “Cannot fire, decorative only” so we were issued a document to use if it was detected again. We enjoyed that holiday’
Any idea who the Mystery Insight may be? It appears so far that you really do not know everything about your neighbours as the weekly Prize jackpots for another week. Please keep submitting something about yourself the Community may not know. Want to know who last weeks ‘Who am I’ was?……………. It was Joan.K

I apologise that there was a typo in last weeks Newsletter that stated the Balcony Clean was $105 + GST, however it should have read the same as the Sign-Up sheet at $150 + GST. In addition, during the week I asked Exterior Clean Melbourne for clarification around if their quote covered multiple balconies and they have informed me that the first balcony would be $150 + GST, and each balcony thereafter would be $100 + GST. If you need to amend the Sign-Up sheet with how many balconies you wished cleaned, and / or delete your request, please do so or come and see me for assistance.

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