Newsletter 25 March

March 25, 2020

Important Dates

While all the usual social events at Hester have been suspended until further notice please avail yourself to one of the DVD’s from the credenza in the Hester library, along with a very extensive choice of books.

Please take advantage of the delicious meals home cooked daily from our kitchen.
It should be noted that of a weekend, meals can ONLY be selected from either day’s LUNCH menu because they must be collected by staff at lunch time and the evening selection will not be available so early.

Housekeeping Notices

For the well being of all at Hester and in response from both the Federal and State governments in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic BASScare has implemented the following measures at Hester.
Earlier this week all residents were provided with the latest information and it should be stressed how important it is that each and every one of us plays our part in protecting our community and those outside it.

  • It is imperative that all Hester residents and visitors wash their hands every time you enter the building, particularly the common areas. Not all residents are doing this and is ESSENTIAL that all visitors and residents comply with this directive. There is a hand sanitizer installed inthe entrance vestibule for this purpose.
  • From midnight 23rd March, any nationals returning from any overseas country or interstate should now be considered at risk and are required to self –isolate for 14 days.
  • When in public areas please observe social distancing (1.5 metres).

Please ensure all visitors comply with the following:

  • Hands are sanitized before entering the building,
  • Limit visits to 2 people, once a day and visits are to be conducted in your apartment,
  • Visitors must NOT Linger in any public area longer than is necessary,
  • Visitors MUST sign in and out of the guest book,
  • If any visitors or service providers present symptoms of the illness it is ESSENTIAL that Hester Canterbury Management is informed immediately.

Given the current concern about COVID-19, antibacterial hand sanitizer is available at the following locations at Hester:
By the sink in the kitchen,
By the sink in the café area,At the reception desk.

Your cooperation in helping keep our community safe is vital and your support in doing so is sincerely appreciated.

A thought for today…

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted…
Aesop, a slave and story teller believed to have
Lived in Greece between 620 – 564 BCE.

Complying with the Government guidelines concerning public gatherings, the monthly Trinity “Treasures and Tastes @ Trinity Market (scheduled for Saturday March 21) will not be going ahead and all future market dates will be suspended until further notice.
Kind regards,
Val White. (Hester resident).

Week three of the new Autumn Menu starts on Monday 30  March. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime. Bon Appetit!