Newsletter 23 October

October 23, 2019

Important Dates

Melbourne Cup BBQ: The 5th of November just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Hester Barbie run by our talented residents at Hester.  The sign up sheet will be available at reception next week.

Ladies’ Day (Oaks Day) Afternoon Tea 2.00pm Thursday 7th November: Ladies (and   Gentlemen) don your finest chapeaux  and join us for a glass of bubbles and a little light refreshment. More details to come.

Upcoming Monthly Dinner Dates: 30th October (Menu details on Newsletter PDF), 27th November

Housekeeping Notices

Staff Member Employment
It is with great pleasure we would like to announce that Lokesh (chef at Faversham) has accepted the position of Head Chef. Be prepared for waists to expand….
Concerning the choice of daily menu, please note residents can select from both the daily lunch and dinner menu for your evening meal.

Filming at Hester
On Tuesday 29th October there will be a film crew taking photos of the common areas of Hester to use concerning the new BASScare facility Morgan Glen Iris.
There should be a minimum of inconvenience to residents and all areas are available for your enjoyment as per usual.

Plastic Bottle Tops
Please continue  to donate your plastic bottle tops (container located in the Hester café area).
The Shepparton News is coordinating a project in their area recycling  bottle tops for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs.

Craft Group
The craft group will be meeting in the private dining room from 2.00pm Monday 28th October.

Please refer to your Monthly Movie Schedule for information on the Tuesday evening movie.

Did you know…

The meaning of the phrase “Pull the wool over someone’s eyes”    

Generally, this expression can be traced to the powdered wigs which were the custom in the early nineteenth century – the “wool”, having fallen down over a man’s eyes, would temporarily blind him.

While today’s judges favour horsehair and would never be caught dead in an ill-fitting rug, their predecessors often wore poorly fitted wigs, and many a barrister boasted about pulling the wool over the judge’s eyes.                

Week one of the new Winter Menu starts on Monday 28th October. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime.
Bon Appetit!

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