Newsletter 22 September

September 21, 2021

Important Dates

  • Friday, 24 September
    Grand Final Public Holiday. There will be no staff on site at Hester Canterbury on the above date. If you have ordered an evening meal on this date please do not forget to collect your dinner from the Hester Canterbury kitchen fridge.(All meals will be labelled with the name of the person who ordered it).
  • Sunday, 19 September
    The state government of Victoria announce details of the roadmap of delivering the National Plan concerning COVID-19. There are 2 copies of this plan available – one on the reception desk and one in the library for your perusal. Please do not remove these copies.
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Hester Newsletter 22 September

Housekeeping Notices

  • With in walking distance of Hester Canterbury is a hairdresser and several residents (and staff) are customers. This
    hairdresser has contacted people offering to provide a home hairdressing service. To do so contravenes all current lockdown restrictions and is not permissible, therefore please be aware that this offer is not possible for any resident to take up.
  • “Who Am I”? competition
    Due to your requests, the “Who Am I”? competition will run for another week (have we really changed that much??)
    Please hand your answer sheets in by the end of the day Monday 27 September.
  • Here is our first contribution from a Hester Canterbury resident about what makes them happy and brightens their days…“ The delight of seeing my long suffering football team making it to the Grand Final. (Even if I can’t be there on the day to cheer them on…..)”

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 27 September
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

While it is unusual for all Victorians not to have the Grand Final at the MCG, enjoy the game in your apartment and may the best team win!!