Newsletter 19 July 2023

July 20, 2023
    We are excited about the record breaking Happy Hour crowd attending this Fridays’ Fish ‘N’ Chip night. Armed with a cold beverage and whet appetite, the Dining Room will be alive with friendly banter and good companionship. Happy Hour kicks off at 5pm, followed by the hypnotic scent of good old Friday night Fish ‘N’ Chips at 6pm. All welcome, even if you have not organised a seat at the table. B.Y.O
    Based upon a true story, ‘Blue Miracle’ is an uplifting movie based around a boys orphanage and their caretaker Omar. On the brink of being shutdown, Omar and the kids team up with a washed-up boat Captain to win a life changing cash prize in a fishing tournament. Screening for your pleasure in Hester Class on Tuesday 25 July at 7:30pm. You bring your eyes and ears and we’ll bring the nibbles.

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Hester Newsletter 19 July


Complacency and delay are the biggest killers in an Emergency situation. We are well equipped at Hester Canterbury for most emergencies, however, it is the timely actions we take when confronted with an emergency that can determine the outcome. For example, you hear a fire alarm or evacuation command, act promptly without hesitation and evacuate the building (not using the lifts) or at least get yourself to a Fire Stairwell. If this is not possible due to smoke and / or fire, stay in your apartment and place damp towels along the base of the front and balcony doors and let someone know you are there. If you hear an alarm, act but don’t panic as help is on its way. Another situation might be that you come across a resident in medical distress, your first action would be to call 000 and send someone to retrieve the Defibrillator from the mailbox room, which once turned on will instruct you on its use.
We also have 2 First Aid kits on hand if required. In addition, there’s always the Tunstall Emergency Alarm system in your apartment (if connected) and also on the wall in the Gym & Cinema.

After a short hiatus, the Private Dining Room Table has returned to its original home. It presently has 7 chairs around it, however, we have nine in total with two being suitably utilized in the cinema, but please let me know if you require them and I will arrange to bring them up.

Week Two of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 24 July.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

It is very pleasing that the community has got behind and unanimously embraced the concept of the non-compulsory ‘Resident Medical Information and Emergency Contact’ form. You should have already received a copy of the form from the Residents Committee and in the coming days I will be emailing all residents an editable version than can be completed on your computer or mobile device. The editable version will make any new amendments that are required easier to perform, save and print. Please let me know if you require any assistance with this step.
For uniformity throughout all apartments, the form must be placed in a sleeve behind everyone’s Main Bedroom door. I will distribute the sleeves with double sided mounting tabs attached, to all residents soon. Those who consent, a copy can be placed on your file in the Office locked cabinet, just in case you are involved in a medical incident outside of your apartment. The next step will involve me having discussions with Tunstall and Emergency Services to ensure the operator relays to Ambulance Victoria to incorporate the retrieval of the form as soon as they attend your apartment.

For those unable to attend todays chat with Guest Speaker, Elizabeth (BASScare Social Support Coordinator), the following is a bit of a summary. Elizabeth firstly outlined the recent water damage to the Canterbury Centre in Rochester Road, that should re-open for all activities on Monday 31 July. She went on to highlight the bi-monthly ‘Staying Connected’ magazine and some of the offerings, such as the Christmas in August Lunch 16 August. Elizabeth has left a number of the Calendar of Events for July / August with me, so please let me know if you would like a copy.
The programs and events are planned up to 8 months in advance and takes a lot of research to see what’s on trend and the logistics. By far the day trips and outings are the most popular with varied destinations and points of interest to satisfy most customers. BASScare have two 12 seater buses which we hope to utilise later in the year for Hester Canterbury residents excursions. Most outings are inclusive of bus travel, admission fee if any, & lunch booking. Some day trips may be capped on the number able to go, and can be cancelled at short notice for safety reasons due to high temperatures . Elizabeth will look to drop by monthly for a chat so you’ll have your opportunity to ask any questions.