Newsletter 25 January 2023

January 26, 2023

Calendar Dates

    Today’s Birthday Cake to celebrate those residents that chalked up another year in January has been moved by popular demand to 3pm. Happiest Birthday Jan Babies.
    What happens when you’re poisoned by the deadliest nerve agent in the world and get to tell the tale? Documentary film ‘Navalny’ does just that, investigating the attempted murder of Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. Screening on the Hester Class Big Screen, Tuesday 31 January at 7:30pm.
    Before you think we’ve got possums in army boots stomping across our roof, take another look as you’ll find the conscientious team from Exterior Clean Melbourne cleaning out our gutters from 7:30am, Friday 3 February.
    As Thursday 26 January is a public holiday, I will not be on hand to deliver the evening meals, so if you have ordered a meal for Thursday night, please collect it from the Ground Floor Kitchen after 4:45pm.

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Hester Newsletter 25 January


The contractors entrusted to deliver us sparkling new shared spaces, Pattersons Build Group, have announced that they will commence Stage One of the project on Monday 6 February at 8am. Stage One will consist of the Main Entrance, Foyer & Reception, Library, Mail Boxes, Toilets and Office. During the scheduled works, these areas will be strictly off limits to all residents, staff and visitors. Until stage one is completed, the Club Lounge and Dining Room can be utilized as normal, just the access will change. In the coming weeks we will provide you with further information and workarounds that will be in place. Please be mindful there will be some noise discomfort during this time.
It’s official, the Hungry Bin Worm Farms have arrived and they’re in full operation awaiting your Kitchen Food Scraps. The neat little bins can be easily accessed in each Refuse Room in the basement and are user friendly by simply lifting the lid, pulling up the worm blanket from one corner and pouring your scraps in. Printed material will be provided soon on what can be placed in the bins. Also, a communal Food Scrap Bin can be found at the Bar area for any leftovers.

Week Four of the Summer Menu starts on Monday 30 January.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Even if you’re not a fan of tennis, you would have to admit that the two week AO spectacular that showcases Melbourne at it’s best, rivals any sporting event in the world. I have personally been associated with the Australian Open (AO) for the past 14 years & witnessed Melbourne Park and the event grow to become so much more than just a tennis tournament for spectators. Working in Player Transport, I can tell you the players are very well looked after and depending on what seed they are, can have a vehicle at their beck and call. In their free time, the players & their family loved playing tourist and the Zoo’s, Melbourne, Werribee and Healsville were very popular destinations, along with restaurants, shopping trips and night clubs for the less disciplined ones. It goes without saying that there were many a conversation taking place in the vehicles, however, what is said in the car, stays in the car.
The AO is just like an iceberg, for the 10% that we view on the surface, there’s 90% under the surface that goes into running the event. To keep the players and the tournament moving, Tennis Australia employ over 300 drivers and their proud sponsor, Kia, provide over 100 new vehicles. I’m sure I would have bumped into past resident Val White on more than one occasion, as I believe she shared my passion for the event and played her role in making it the best Grand Slam in the world. I guess Hester Canterbury can claim it’s own tennis champion in ‘Mr Kooyong’, who could probably give Rod Laver a run for his money, even if it is only verbally.

If you have not already been for your daily stroll around the courtyard then you’re probably not aware that the pond waterfall is now operational and breathing new life into the pond and the fish that call it home. Oz Water Gardens have completed their quarterly clean and maintenance of the pond and replaced the water pump so that the water feature operates the way it was intended to do originally.

Have a wonderful week and take care