Newsletter 16 September

September 17, 2020

Important Dates

Monday 21 September
The Spring Menu commences on the above date. Please give any orders to Alexia before lunchtime Thursday 17 September 2020.

From this week on….
There are some changes to the Stage 4 restrictions:

  • Curfew is now 9:00pm to 5:00am, 
  • Exercise outdoors up to 2 hours total per day split in a maximum of 2 sessions,
  • If you live alone you can nominate ONE person to form a single social bubble. This means you are allowed to visit one another for social interaction and you can be 5kms or more from each other

Housekeeping Notices


It’s hard to believe that the Games of 27th Olympiad in Sydney took place from September 15th to October 1st 20 years ago! To mark this anniversary there is a display of memorabilia on display for your enjoyment in the main lounge area.
Please do not remove any of the items from their protective coverings.
Enjoy taking some time to reminisce what a great job Sydney and Australia did in hosting the games. With the easing of restrictions and one visitor being allowed to visit people living alone, this is a gentle reminder that all visitors and service care providers to Hester Canterbury must observe the following actions:

  • Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the building,
  • Face masks must be worn at all times,
  • Temperature must be taken,
  • Sign into the Visitors’ book.

By respecting the above directives we are all looking after each other, a long standing tradition at Hester Canterbury.

Some Interesting Facts about the Olympic Games

  1. At least one of the Olympic Rings’ colours appear in every national flag, which is the reason Baron Pierre Coubertin founder of the modern Olympic movement conceived the 5 ring symbol.
  2. Only 5 countries have participated in every Summer Olympic Games since the were first held in Athens on April 6th 1896 and Australia is one of them.(The others are France, Great Britain, Greece and Switzerland).
  3. The Olympic Torch Relay is not an ancient tradition and it had its roots in the controversial 1936 Berlin games. The relay was conceived as a propaganda tool for Nazi Germany and the relay passed through Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary and what was then known as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. All these countries would succumb to Nazi rule within 10 years.
  4. The gold medals are mostly made of silver. Despite the popular belief that the gold medal is composed of pure gold, this hasn’t been the case since the 1912 games. The medals are made almost entirely of silver with approximately 6 grams of gold to meet the standard laid out in the Olympic Charter.

Week Four of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 21 September.
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

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