Newsletter 15 September

September 15, 2021

Important Dates

  • Some very local history…
    On the 16 and 17 of September it will be exactly 6 years since our first residents ( Sue and John. M) moved into Hester Canterbury. The last apartment to be occupied was 2.04 in June the next year. Time certainly flies and here’s to the next 60 years of being part of such a special place.
  • Over the next few weeks the concrete wheel stops on each parking bay in the garage will be repainted as part of our ongoing maintenance works. There will be further notice given when this work is about to commence and if any cars are needed to be removed to provide access to the stops you will be notified. If your vehicle needs to be moved it can be parked in
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Hester Newsletter 15 September

Housekeeping Notices

  • Some Important COVID19 Information
    It is now possible under certain circumstances to be tested for COVID in your home, so the most vulnerable members of society who are unable to leave home can be tested. There are certain requirements to enable people to be able to access this service such as a referral from your GP. For further information on how to access this service call the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 and select option 4 and then option 5 to see if you are eligible for this service.
  • Don’t forget to get your answers to our “Who Am I” competition to Alexia by close of business Monday 20 September and the winner/s will be announced in that week’s newsletter. (As will the answers to The Age travel quiz located on the back of the whiteboard).
  • An updated Hester Canterbury Residents’ Contact List is being correlated to be distributed to all residents for private use only
    within the building. Would you please let Alexia know if there are any changes to your email and contact details.

Week Three of the Winter Menu starts on Monday 20 September
Please place any orders by lunchtime the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Guess What???

The Mynah birds are back again this Spring and have nested in the same tree on the balcony of apartment 1.12. Mother and father are kept very busy feeding four hungry little mouths.

In our Hester Canterbury community, like the rest of Melbourne sometimes it hard to keep upbeat and optimistic at times because of the challenges living with COVID continues to throw at us….yet here at 9 Chatham Road and in Australia we have a lot to be appreciative of and happy about.

To this end would residents please like to share a past (or present) memory of something that gave you joy and made you smile. This would only require you to write a paragraph or two and then give it to Alexia, these recollections will be included in upcoming editions of the newsletter. (If you choose, the author may remain anonymous otherwise only first names will be printed). It can be something as everyday as finding out that we have a nest of baby birds on one of the apartment balconies. We all have something to share that will lift our hearts and make us smile.