Newsletter 14 September

September 14, 2022

Important Dates

  • Hester Canterbury Spring Menu
    Just a reminder that if you wish to order a meal off the Spring Menu for next week, please have your request to me no later than 1pm Thursday 15 September. ‘Buon Appetito’
  • Room Reserved – Mahjong
    Please note that Zeta has booked the Private Dining Room & the 3 tables along the windows to the courtyard to host her Mahjong Group from 10:30am to 3pm Tuesday 20 September..
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Hester Newsletter 14 September

House Keeping:

    The safety of yourself and everyone around you in an Emergency is all of our responsibility.  Therefore it is highly recommended that you attend the FIRE & EMERGENCY AWARENESS TRAINING this Friday 16 September at 10am in the Hester Canterbury Lounge. Fire and Safety specialists Statcom will provide you with the help to meet your Fire and Emergency needs, sharing the skills and knowledge of what to do in an emergency, that may just save yours and / or a residents life in a fire.

Week Three of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 19 September.
Please place any orders by 1pm the Thursday before.
Bon Appetit!

Ten years ago I was standing in the Saatchi Gallery in London totally mesmerized by this picture of Queen Elizabeth II. Though I did not realise at the time why this image had such a profound reaction on me, I knew as I exited through the gift shop that I had to secure a copy of this print. On reflection I realised that it was the humility and vulnerability shown that humanised the Queen and portrayed her exemplary duty to the Commonwealth and afar in an even greater landscape. Her 70 year reign will not be surpassed, nor her strength, courage, dignity and devotion to serving the people through some of the most, to quote the Queen, ‘Annus horribilis’ periods in our history. This serene image of Queen Elizabeth II at peace, which she now is, sits proudly on the wall in my office at home as a constant reminder of the unwavering strength of an individual, who has shown lifelong service and leadership throughout hers, and my entire life.

Movie magic comes alive each Tuesday Night at 7:30pm in Hester Class. Settle in with your favourite drink and snack while you enjoy hand picked cinematic greats from the comfort and warmth of your home cinema.