Newsletter 14 August

August 16, 2019

Important Dates

  • Slide Show about France : given by John Fitzgerald in
    the Cinema Tuesday 20th August @ 2pm
  • August Birthday Celebrations : Wednesday 21st August
    @ 10.30am Morning tea
  • Fish’n’Chip Night : Friday 23rd August @ 6pm Our usual relaxed Friday night @ $9.00 a head.
  • Upcoming Monthly Dinner Dates : 28th August, 25th September, 30th October & 27th November
  • Christmas Luncheon : Friday 13th December

Housekeeping Notices

  • To comply with OHS requirements concerning cleaning chemicals, the door of the kitchen will be locked in future. To access the kitchen at any time, you should swipe at the entry with your swipe card.
  • Joy Warfe is collecting nonperishable foods and toiletries for donation to
    the Anglicare Mission House in Fitzroy. If you would like to donate please place your contribution in the red bag, located near the Hester letterboxes. The close off date for donations will be Thursday 22nd of August.
  • A grey jumper was left in the gym on Monday 12th, please check with reception if you are missing one.
  • Cleaning of the slate will continue until Wednesday 21st August
  • Our monthly dinner is just two weeks away on Wednesday 28th August. Menu is available on the following page. A reminder to reserve your selection(s) no later than Monday 26th August @ 5pm.

Singing in the Rain (1952)

  • Tuesday 20 August, 7.30pm
  • Director: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
  • Stars: Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor

A golden oldie. A lighthearted musical comedy set in the 1920s,
when silent films became “talkies”, and former silent film stars had problems adapting to the new medium. Spectacular singing and dancing routines.

Monthly Dinner

28th August 2019 @7pm

A main choice of:

  • Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks in a red wine au Just Or
  • Creamy Lemon & Parmesan Chicken

Both will be served with herbed smashed potatoes, fresh green beans and roasted beetroots

And for dessert:

  • Raspberry & Apple Crumble Or
  • Personal Cheese Platters

Please reserve your selection(s) at reception. Bookings close on Monday 26th August @ 5pm

Did you know…

The meaning of the phrase “TURN A BLIND EYE”. This phrase is said to be inspired by a famous episode in the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. The British Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson was ordered by flag signal from the fleet commander to withdraw. Nelson deliberately put his telescope to his eye that had been blinded in an earlier battels and announced that he could not see a signal. He then led an attack that meant major victory for the English.

Winter Menu

Week three of the new Winter Menu starts on Monday 19th of August. Please place any orders by Thursday lunchtime. Bon Appetit!