Newsletter 11 October 2023

October 16, 2023
    Just a reminder that the BASScare Hester Canterbury Special Meeting to vote on the proposed resolution will take place this Friday 13 October at 10:30am in the Dining Room. If you are unable to attend and wish to use a Proxy, please ensure that the Hester Canterbury Special Meeting Proxy Form is submitted to the Manager by 4pm Thursday 12 October.
    This dark French drama, ‘Three Colours: Blue’, sees a young Parisian woman grapple with the torment of personal tragedy, choosing to deal with her grief by withdrawing from the world and numbing herself down. To a backdrop of haunting music, Julie finds herself longing for human interaction again and sets out to finish her famous composer husbands’ musical piece. Screening Tuesday 17 October at 7:30pm in Hester Class.

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Hester Newsletter 11 October


We are still finalizing the details around the install of the New Carpet in the ground floor communal areas, but I am pleased to advise that the contractors are ready to proceed sooner than later. The issue unfortunately is that they may only be able to provide 48 hours notice before they arrive, so we will not have a lot of time for alternate contingencies while the work is being completed. It has been advised that the New Carpet will be laid in 3 separate sections over 3 days, but this is yet to be confirmed. I shall keep you informed as information comes to hand. Thank you.

Resident Ann.S has organised Guest Author and founder of ‘Happily Made’, Veronica Sherman, to speak to the residents about her extraordinary life and showcase some of the beautiful handcrafts she has made by humble Cambodian village women. So bring along your ears, your spare change, family & friends and partake in the delightful life story of Veronica, along with a book signing and some Christmas shopping, Monday 30 October at 10am in the Club Lounge.

Just wondering if anyone owns the box of disposable black face masks sitting on the front Reception desk and wishes to claim it back, feel free. Also, if you believe you have misplaced some money last week around the Club Lounge and can tell me the exact amount missing, then please let me know. Happy to return to rightful owner minus handling fee $$$$

Week One of the Spring Menu starts on Monday 16 October.
Please place orders anytime prior to 3pm the Wednesday before.
Bon Appetit!

If you do not have something already planned for Thursday 2 November at 10am, then it is imperative that you are available on-site at Hester Canterbury for the Annual Fire Briefing and Drill.
A facilitator from Statcom Emergency Management will be attending to brief you on fire safety and what to do if there is an emergency evacuation, plus we will be conducting an actual Fire Drill after the briefing to ensure you understand what to do in the event of an emergency.
Please ensure you are present in the Club Lounge by 10am for the briefing and then you will be asked to return to your apartment for the Evacuation Drill. We cannot stress it enough, the importance of participating in this exercise as it could literally be the difference between life and death in a real situation. If you are concerned about your mobility, this is the perfect platform to discuss this with the Statcom facilitator.
If you have any questions regarding this request or are aware that you will definitely not be available on the day, please let me know at your first convenience.

Talented Australian actress Cate Blanchett proves she can deliver a funny line just as well as the next person in this weeks Funny Friday Matinee, ’Bandits’. Detox from the mornings seriousness and shout yourself an afternoon of laughter while being totally entertained by a stellar cast of quirky misfits.
Reserve your Hester Class seat Friday 13 October at 1pm sharp.

Not long now until the Canapés & Community Cocktail Night (Friday 27 October @ 6pm) which will see the normal Friday Happy Hour transformed into a decadent evening of fine food and memories. The idea of the evening is to not only bring the residents together, but a perfect opportunity socially to extend the welcome mat to your love ones and friends. Please RSVP to this BYO event by Thursday 19 October, 2023.